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The lands of Cerilia are inherently magical, and "true" mages (sorcerers and wizards) have learned to harness the energy of the earth itself to create both wonders and terrors. Masters of such lore are rare throughout Cerilia and such mystics are figures of mystery and destiny. The common folk of Cerilia see little difference between the two classes and are prone to use either term to refer to any practitioner of the greater arts.

Sorcerers and wizards are practitioners of greater ("true") magic. Although their methods of mastering this power differ, they both focus their power through a spiritual awareness of the power of the land itself. This awareness cannot be taught; it is a matter of heredity - true mages must be born with the stuff of magic in their veins. This awareness is unique in that only those of elven descent or blooded scions (whose ancestors were touched by the gods) have any hope of mastering the forces of greater magic.

Preferred Class Races/Cultures: Although rare, true mages come from across the width and breadth of Cerilia. However, they are sparingly found; outside of the elven realms there are perhaps no more than six or seven score true mages in all of Cerilia. Sorcerers and wizards are common among the elves. Inherently in touch with the magic of the earth, all elves have the potential, if not necessarily the inclination, to pursue the study of greater magic. Many elves dabble in the arts of the sorcerer, accessing magic through their undisciplined passion rather than pursuing a lifetime of onerous study. Elves that have the discipline to pursue the rigorous studies of the Wizard, however, often rise to great power in the centuries they have available to perfect their lore. The Elven culture repudiates the arcane spells in the schools of necromancy and conjuration - most elven wizards forswear these schools of study and become specialists.

Among other races, the awareness necessary to harnesses true magic is found only among the blooded scions; their semi-divinity grants them the potential, if not the lore, to command the forces of true magic. Practitioners of magic are shunned throughout many human realms and thus opportunities for apprenticeships are scarce. Most human mages hail from the lands of the Khinasi where magic is considered an honored practice and universities dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge are not uncommon. The Rjurik and Vos people disdain (and fear) practitioners of true magic; true mages are even rarer (and secretive) in these regions.

Dwarven mages of any sort are found infrequently, as their people have a natural maigc resistance|resistance]] to magic. Their people, however, hold Dwarven mages in the same high regard as any skilled craftsmen. Dwarves are not prolific breeders and relatively few dwarves were present at the cataclysm of Deismaar. There are very few blooded dwarves, and thus only a handful of dwarves that have even the potential to master the lore of greater magic. If there are any Dwarves capable of casting arcane Realm magic, they have kept their existence a well-kept secret.

Cerilian sorcerers add Knowledge (Nature) to their list of class skills due to its use in relation to sources.

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