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In Cerilia, rogues are as often merchants and diplomats as thieves, a distinction often lost on those who have come out on the losing end of a mercantile transaction. Rogues are everywhere in Cerilia, but no one necessarily expects them to be thieves. Depending on their skills and inclinations, rogues may represent themselves as courtiers, scouts, sailors, or even merchant princes.
Preferred Class Races/Cultures: Like fighters, rogues are found in every culture and in every race. However, the skills that a rogue finds most valuable tend to be significantly different from culture to culture. The skills possessed by an individual rogue are almost always a unique blend crafted by the circumstances of his life, but there are some skills for rogues of a given race or culture are particularly noted.
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Table 1-3: Rogue skills


Common skills


diplomacy, gather information, sense motive, decipher script, profession (courtier)


appraise, diplomacy, forgery, profession (sailor), profession (merchant), sleight of hand


appraise, diplomacy, use magic device, profession (merchant), sleight of hand


hide, move silently, profession (scout), survival


spot, intimidate, profession (scout), survival


listen, spot, hide, move silently, perform (singing)


climb, disable device, open lock, use rope


listen, spot, move silently, intimidate


move silently, hide, listen, tumble, profession (scout)

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