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Rangers are common in the untamed wilds and desolate areas of Cerilia. Given their tendencies to avoid crowds, rangers tend to make poor regents and are only rarely found in positions of political or economic power.

Rangers are bound very closely to nature, able to become practically one with it, and are able to tap into the very wellsprings of the earth to power their spells. Unlike Cerilian clerics and druids, Cerilian rangers do not receive their spells from a patron deity. The limited spellcasting abilities of Cerilian rangers are rooted in their understanding of nature and the channeling of mebhaighl through their force of will alone.

Human cultures count as a different subtype when selected as a ranger?s favored enemy. That is there is no Humanoid (Human) there are instead Humanoid (Anuirean), Humanoid (Rjurik), etc. For example, a Rjurik ranger may consider Anuireans to be an enemy to his people and way of life and thus study how to best thwart their efforts.

Preferred Class Races/Cultures: Rangers can be found wherever there is vast uncharted wilderness to explore and preserve. Most rangers are elven, half-elven, goblinoid, or Rjurik humans. Nevertheless, rangers of nearly every race and nationality exist. There are many elven rangers. Most elven rangers have goblinoids or humans as their first favored enemy. Although rangers need not worship a particular deity, most human rangers respect Erik and his teachings.

[top]Behind the Curtain: Where do Cerilian rangers get the power to cast divine spells?

As the default, Cerilian rangers gain the ability to cast divine spells directly from nature and not the blessing of any deity. An alternative would be to have non-elven rangers gain the ability to cast divine spells from Erik, the god of nature. Cerilian elves would still gain this power directly from nature itself since they are not attuned to the gods.

[top]Variant: Non spellcasting rangers

As a variant, Cerilian rangers do not have the ability to cast divine spells as listed in the Player's Handbook instead they gain the following ability: At 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th level the ranger can choose a favored terrain. The ranger gains a +2 bonus to Hide, Knowledge (Nature), Listen, Move Silently, Spot and Survival checks when in this favored terrain. Instead of gaining a new favored terrain the ranger can gain an additional +2 bonus to skills in a previously chosen favored terrain. Allowable terrain types include: Glacier/Tundra, Desert, Forest, Mountains, Hills, Plains, Coastal, Subterranean, Jungle and Swamp/Scrub.

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