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Khinasi (kih-NAH-see) characters are native to the region known as Khinasi. Unlike the other human races, they're descended from the dark-skinned Basarji (bah-SAR-zhee) and speak a language known by the same name. The Basarji didn't come to Cerilia with the other human tribes; they colonized the southern shores of Cerilia from lands across the Bair el-Mehire. They are tall and lanky, with aquiline features and dark eyes. They range from a light coffee to a dark brown complexion.
Unlike other human cultures, the Khinasi have no fear of magic. The study of magic is considered the noblest of callings, and the universities of Khinasi are the finest in Cerilia. Like the Brecht, common Khinasi are traders and merchants, but a person's decorum, hospitality, and conduct are far more important than gross wealth.
The Khinasi make much of their living by trade. While the Brecht tend to trade to the north and west, as well as to the Vos and Rjurik, the Khinasi practice their commerce with the Anuireans and their ancestors across the Sea of Dragons. Unlike the Brecht, the Khinasi assimilate the aspects of other cultures they find valuable, while still maintaining a core of being that is Basarji in origin.
The Basarji became known as the Khinasi because of their most famous leader in times past. The mage-king el-Arassi rose during the Anuirean occupation of Basarji lands, and forced the Anuirean Empire to grant a measure of independence to the Basarji city-states through his skillful manipulation of politics and magic. In gratitude, the Basarji named themselves "Khinasi," or "people under the protection of el-Arassi." Though they still retained their tribal name of Basarji, they became known as the Khinasi throughout the rest of Cerilia.
The Khinasi live in city-states scattered about their lands. Each kingdom tends to hold only one city of any importance; the king rules the surrounding provinces, which provide livestock and other goods, from the comforts of the city. In most city-states, the people are free to travel from the provinces to petition the king. Khinasi rulers are usually wizards, for the Khinasi value intelligence in their people above all else. It's known that there are regents of other professions, but their reigns are usually unsuccessful.
In a historical context, Khinasi can be viewed as being closest to the early Arabian cultures. The Khinasi have the most advanced educational system in Cerilia and their technology is similar to that of the Renaissance cultures.
Khinasi cultural traits: The Khinasi people are well-educated traders and merchants that know that an individual's decorum, hospitality, and conduct are far more important than gross wealth. Unlike other cultures, the Khinasi have no fear of magic; to them it is considered the noblest of callings.
Cultural background skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (any one), Ride and Spellcraft.
Bonus to saving throws: Khinasi receive a +1 on Will saves.
Automatic Language: Basjari

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