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In Cerilia, druids are priests of Erik, the god of nature and the hunt. Like clerics, Cerilian druids receive their spells from a patron deity - the god Erik. The powerful natural magic of the druid is based in the same lore as that of the ranger, but is greatly magnified through the channeling of divine power of the druid's patron deity.

Although elves have a profound link with nature that makes them particularly fine rangers, the powers of a druid are beyond their ken. The elves are adamant in their refusal to worship human gods (including Erik) and thus cannot advance as druids except under the most unusual of circumstances.

All druids are priests of Erik, but not all priests of Erik are druids. In some sects, priests of Erik choose to advance as clerics or multi-class cleric/druids.

Preferred Class Races/Cultures: Most Rjurik consider the druidic faith of Erik to be the only religion worth following, and scattered circles of druids dwell within the forests of Anuire and Vosgaard. Among the Rjurik, druids are considered priests, judges, arbiters, sages, and teachers all in one. Although druids are especially prominent in the Rjurik lands, they can be found in lesser numbers throughout the rest of Cerilia.

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