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Cerilian clerics function as described in the Player's Handbook, except that no clerics serve just a cause, philosophy, or abstract source of divine power. Every cleric in a BIRTHRIGHT campaign serves a specific divine power. It is simply impossible for a person to wield greater divine magic without a patron deity. Clerics may have only one patron deity at a time, but it is possible for a cleric to have a change of heart that causes a change of patron deities. Elves cannot advance as clerics except under the most unusual of circumstances.

Preferred Class Races/Cultures: Clerics (and their NPC counterpart, the adept) are common through most regions of Cerilia. Clerics of different deities are favored in different lands. A complete listing of deities, their domains, and their favored worshippers appears in Chapter Four: Gods. Only in elven realms are clerics a rarity. The elves have been adamant in their refusal to worship human gods and refuse to allow humans to proselytize their religious ideologies within elven lands.
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