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[top]Blood Hound

Small Beast

Blood hounds are descended from canines that were present at Deismaar. While they no longer possess any measurable individual bloodlines, they nevertheless are able to detect the presence of scions far better than most animals. Blood hounds are sometimes bred and trained with the express purpose of hunting scions; more commonly, their scion detection capabilities go unnoticed, and they are instead trained simply as superior hunting dogs. Blood hounds appear similar to regular hunting dogs, though slightly larger than most, and with a reddish-black tint to their fur.
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Medium-Size Humanoid (Aquatic, Reptilian)

CaracdÝr are the degenerate lizardmen offspring of the awnshegh known as the Hydra, having bred true within the foul swamp in which the Hydra lairs. They live in the Harrowmarsh, where they have slowly formed a primitive society of sorts. Here, they resist most intrusions by outsiders, maintaining the purity, as it were, of the Hydra?s realm.
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[top]Dragon, Cerilian


Cerilian dragons are among the most ancient inhabitants of the continent, predating even elves and dwarves. Perhaps once there were many, but over the years, in-fighting and fighting the younger races have taken their toll. There are only a half dozen dragons known to be left, and only the names of three are known (Tarazin, Vstaive Freak, and Raizhadik). All living dragons are of the Old age or higher.

[top]Elven Horse

Large Magical Beast

Elven horses are the steeds of the Sidhelien. They appear similar to normal horses at first glance, yet the elven horses are different from regular horses in many of the ways elves differ from men. Elven horses are slimmer and more graceful than other horses, their colors are usually more pronounced or pure, generally tending towards white fur and a silvery gray mane, and they are more intelligent than regular horses. Exceptional elven horses are able to speak Sidhelien.
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[top]Giant, forest

Huge Giant

Forest giants are the guardians of Cerilia?s woodlands, protecting it from incursions of evil, and destructive logging or clearing. They are found in the deepest forests, far from human settlements. Forest giants appear as great, gnarly humanoids, with wood-like skin, dark leafy hair, and long, root-like fingers and feet. They stand roughly 14 feet tall, weighing close to 7,000 pounds.
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[top]Giant, ice

Huge Giant

Ice giants are cruel and spiteful creatures that survive in the frozen north of Cerilia. They appear as huge, human-like creature, with pale white skin and white or bluish hair, all covered in frost, rime, and shards of ice. Ice giants stand about 16 feet tall, weighing about 4,000 pounds.
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[top]Goblin, Cerilian

All goblinoids are viewed by Cerilians as part of one species ? thus, goblinkind is divided into small goblins (goblins), medium goblins (hobgoblins) and large goblins (bugbear).


Large Construct

The meharmaine are the creations of el-Sirad, the usurper ruler of Mour el-Sirad within Khourane. They are brass metallic constructs of humanoid shape, standing about nine feet tall and weighing in at 2,000 pounds. The meharmaine act as el-Sirad?s enforcers in his provinces, bringing his rule to all who live within.
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Medium-Size Humanoid

Orogs are a subterranean race of miners and warriors that inhabit Cerilia?s mountain ranges. They consider all other races to be their foes, and constantly wage war upon them. Orogs are slightly taller than humans, and more powerfully built, with a somewhat apish face and long arms. They have hairless skin, ranging in color from leathery gray to black. Orogs speak their own language; most also speak dwarven, and many learn other tongues as well.
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[top]Riders of the Magian

Medium-Size Undead

The Riders of the Magian are powerful evil creatures devoted to their master, a sinister awnshegh of great power and ambition. They were once great warriors, now turned into foul and powerful undead creatures by their master. They wield terrible power, and are responsible for leading the Magian?s armies; as warlords, they have few equals. There are twelve riders known to exist; they remain unnamed and mysterious to perhaps all but their master.


Small Magical Beast

Skuhlzecki, also known as hot-headed ice borers, are dangerous creatures that dwell beneath the frozen ice of certain regions of Vosgaard. They appear as roughly 2 feet long segmented worms with a bony, flat plate on its head, a large round, tooth-filled mouth, and no visible sensory organs.
See Also: Skuhlzecki


Large Beast

Varsks are the battle-steeds of the Vos, powerful creatures that thrive in the frozen wastelands of the north. A varsk appears similar to a great, white-furred lizard.
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