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Intermediate Goddess
Goddess of the Sea, Lady of Mourning
Aliases: Nesirie (Anuire), Nasri (Khinasi), Narikja (Rjurik), Neira (Brechtür)
Symbol: Wave and trident
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Ocean, mariners, grief, remembrance of the dead, diplomacy
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Sea
Favored Weapon: Trident
Nesirie (neh-SEA-ree-ay) is the goddess of the sea and provider and guardian of those who make their living upon it. She is also the goddess of mourning and remembrance of people and things past. Nesirie has inherited Masela's role as patroness of the lost Masetian culture and those few remaining who claim Masetian blood. Not everyone whose livelihood depends on the sea worships Nesirie, but nearly all pay her respect. Seafarers of all cultures murmur a brief prayer to her before setting sail on any voyage. Legend among sailors say that when Nesirie's grief overwhelms her, the seas become restless, so they offer to her their wishes that she find peace. Nesirie is also the diplomat of the gods.
The church of Nesirie can be found nearly anywhere where land meets sea. Mariners call to her for protection from storms, creatures of the deep, and other hazards. They beg of her full sails and calm waters. Most of Nesirie's clergy are women that have endured some terrible tragedy that has left them bereft. Aided by Nesirie through their grief, they repay the gift by aiding others in any way they can. Although they are skilled in comforting those who have suffered tragedy, some are equally skilled in preventing tragedy in the first place and take up arms as paladins. Priests maintain lighthouses on the shores of many domains; some feel closest to their goddess when helping to protect those who depend on her good will. Nearly every new ship launched to sea is blessed by Nesirie's clergy; the seas are dangerous enough even with Nesirie's favor and most mariners will refuse to set sail on an unblessed vessel. Priests normally officiate at funeral rites for her followers only, but they are often present, at the request of relatives, at funerals for worshippers of other faiths.
Temples of Nesirie conduct daily services before dawn and after dusk. In the morning, they give their blessings to those who will put to sea that day. In the evening they request protection for those who are on extended voyages at sea. The Eve of the Dead at the end of Emmanir is the principle holy day for the priesthood of Nesirie. On this day they honor the memories of those who have died and comfort those that grieve for them. This ceremony is critical to the Nesirians, for they believe that only through the memories of the living can a spirit find peace and that those who are forgotten after death are easy prey for the power of Shadow.
Dogma: The sea is the lifeblood of the earth; its tidal flow is reflected in the birth, life, and death of every human being. Within this great cycle are lesser ones: the cycle of night and day, work and rest, sorrow and joy. Seek to understand this cycle, and aid others in accepting it as well. Show compassion and aid those suffering through the ebbs of the cycles of their life. Remember the past; only through the memories of those that remain can the actions of the dead have meaning. Care particularly for the remembrance of your dead, for their spirits require the remembrance of those who love them to keep the Shadow at bay. Heal the injured, comfort the lost, and negotiate peace among all men.
Allies: Our devoted husband, Haelyn, champions the weak and upholds the social order. Our mercurial son, Cuiraécen, aids his father in this noble and worthy task. We can count on them to protect us from the physical dangers of the world, but we, in turn, must protect them from moral danger. Their strength and pride can be easily swayed to violence and bloodshed. There is more to life than oaths and glory. We must never fear to provide moral leadership or to mediate the many disputes between them. Avani shares our grief in the loss of our people, and aids in their remembrance. She has our respect and gratitude, as we have hers. Ruornil wages his silent and secret battle against the encroachment of darkness, asking no thanks or acclaims, and ignoring all provocation to lesser battle. His is perhaps the heaviest task of all, yet never is a word of complaint spoken. What aid we have to give, we shall always give to him freely.
Foes: None.
Others: Erik lives in peace with the land. But, like nature itself, he can also be capricious and cruel. We, each of us, must strive to exceed our own natures. Belinik is filled with bitter, terrible rage. Like a wounded animal, he is dangerous and must be treated with respect, but not fear. In time, perhaps we can teach him to face his self-torment and begin to heal. Sera beguiles herself with physical excess. We are all tempted by such lures. She is confused, not wicked. We must strive to remind her of the true costs of her reckless pursuit of profit. Eloéle practices her malice in unpredictable ways. The will and reason behind her actions is unknowable. Little can be done, save to help those harmed by her actions. Kriesha is hurt and untempered by love. She requires solace more so than any soul existent. We must strive to thaw the ice lodged in her heart and help her find a path to contentment. Laerme teaches love of the physical, but gives no thought to consequence. She loves freely, but leaves those that she touches bereft and forlorn.

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