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Greater God
The Soul Forger, Dwarffather
Symbol: Hammer and Anvil
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: The arts and sciences of the dwarves
Domains: Earth, Good, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon: "Soul Hammer" (warhammer)
Moradin (moar-uh-din ) is the father and creator of the dwarven race. He is a stern paternal deity, gruff and uncompromising, and hard as stone. A harsh but fair judge, he is strength and force of will embodied. He inspires dwarven invention, and encourages good nature, intelligence, and harmonious existence with other worthy races while battling pride and isolationist tendencies.

The church of Moradin has an active role in guiding the morals of dwarven communities. They emphasize the Soul Forger's hand in everyday dwarven activities such as mining, smithing, and engineering, and invoke his blessing when these tasks are begun. They lead the push to found new dwarven kingdoms and increase the status of dwarves in surface communities. They take an active role in teaching the young of the communities and oversee most formal ceremonies. Although anyone may worship the Soul Forger, only dwarves are allowed to advance in his church; members of other races are not acceptable priests of Moradin.

Clerics of Moradin pray in the morning. Offerings are made to the Soul Forger on a monthly basis. The ranking cleric of a community can declare any day a holy day to celebrate a local event. His clerics commonly multiclass as experts or fighters.

Dogma: Answer first and foremost to Moradin; dedicate your life to his laws and teachings. The bonds of family are sacred; no right-minded dwarf shall undertake any action that might tear a family asunder. Every dwarf is of equal worth. No right-minded dwarf shall place himself or herself above another. The safety of dwarven lands and people must never be compromised. The dwarven lands are a gift from Moradin. Their resources and wealth must be treated with great respect and used to their fullest potential. The land's treasures must not be squandered. Evil must never be allowed to triumph over good. Enslavement of a dwarf must never be tolerated. No worthy dwarf shall want for food, shelter, or companionship. Dwarves must care for their own kind, especially the aged and infirm.
Relationships: Moradin is opposed to Kartathok, Torazan, and other powers that serve evil causes. He is generally coldly neutral to the gods of the Cerilian humans; neither aiding nor opposing their interests save where they intersect with his. He steers clear of any temptation to involve himself or his people in the conflicts between the human deities.
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