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Greater God
The Great Slayer, Lord of the Goblins
Symbol: A bloody spear
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Goblins
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, Strength
Favored Weapon: "The Blood Spear" (shortspear or long spear)
Kartathok (car-tah-thock) is the lord and patron of all goblin-kind. He is a bloody god, and demands frequent sacrifices of foes, preferably those taken during raids or captured in battle. Kartathok is the epitome of goblin strength and cunning. He is a jealous god, and casts his spite against any goblin that does not bow to him.

Kartathok's priests are always war-priests and are usually present at any major goblin conflict. The church is greatly feared and has much influence. By custom and holy law, priests may drag any worshipper to serve as a sacrifice if no suitable foe is available. Even the chief is not immune to such a call, for the priests may use his failure to provide appropriate sacrifices as proof of Kartathok's disfavor. As the church determines how often sacrifices are demanded, it has considerable power toward unseating any goblin ruler and forces goblin leaders to make war regularly. Sacrifices of elves or of any goblin that has forsaken the worship of Kartathok bring particular favor.

Kartathok's priests pray for their spells at dusk. The frequency of sacrifices vary from tribe to tribe, but normally take place at least once each month during the night of the new moon. The Eve of the Dead is also holy to Kartathok, as the longest night of the year.

Dogma: Breed often. In numbers lies strength and protection. There is no foe or obstacle so strong that it can persevere against our numbers. One day all of Cerilia will belong to us once more. Appease Kartathok, and he will give you strength to crush your foes and many sons to carry your name into the future. Fail him, and The Great Slayer will destroy you utterly.
Relationships: Kartathok considers all other powers to be foes or potential foes. He distrusts all, and his temporary alliances always end in blood.
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