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The strength of a realm is measured not only by the power of its rulers and armies, but also by its economic health. Many regents have ruined their lands through careless fiscal policies. Each domain turn, a regent must cover the expenses of his government. The most common seasonal expenses are military payroll, domain maintenance costs, court costs, vassalage agreements and tribute. These expenses are paid from the domain's treasury.

[top]Regency expenses

The only normal source of regular domain regency expense is through a vassalage agreement bound by a ceremony of investiture. The nature of the investiture realm spell causes this transfer of regency to occur automatically. If a character is unable to meet their RP expenses then their bloodline score is automatically reduced in order to free up the necessary RP. Note that this expense occurs immediately after collection, so a reduction in bloodline due to a vassalage agreement is unlikely. Being a vassal has a real cost, because this timing makes it impossible to "give away" regency points that you wouldn't be able to collect yourself. Likewise it has a real advantage to your liege lord, as long as their current RP reserve is not at maximum. A standard vassalage agreement generally requires the vassal to provide 1 RP per province or holding held; but such agreements can vary significantly.

[top]Domain asset maintenance costs

The administrative costs of province, holdings, trade routes, and other income generating domain assets are already factored into their collected net income. The cost of non-income generating assets, however, must be paid explicitly. These constructions may generate some revenue, but their regular revenue is insufficient to cover the expenses associated with payroll and/or routine maintenance. Most domain constructions have a maintenance cost equal to one-twelfth of their build cost.

[top]Military payroll

All military units have a seasonal maintenance cost. Active army units have a seasonal maintenance cost of 1/2 their muster value. Army units garrisoned in their home province have a seasonal maintenance cost of 1/4 their muster value. Active naval vessels have a maintenance cost of 1/12 their build cost. Naval vessels that spend the entire domain turn docked in a friendly port have a maintenance cost of 1/24 of their build cost. See Chapter Six: Armies and warfare, for details.

[top]Court costs

A regent must maintain the domain court and pay for retainers, regular gifts, and diplomatic affairs of state. The seasonal maintenance cost for a court is 1 GB per level. If this expense is not paid the regent loses 5 RP for every GB of expense of short fall and the court automatically decreases in value by one level as if the regent had Decreed its downsizing. Furthermore, the regent cannot increase the size of her court for a full year, as her ability to maintain her courtiers appropriately must be reestablished with time. The regent's court costs provide a reasonable wage and standard of living, but do not cover highly prized specialists (such as most PCs). Most such characters serve the court out of duty, pride, personal power, or because they want to. Some lieutenants and specialists may require additional payment. Such payments constitute an additional expense to the regent's treasury.

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