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Azrai, the Shadow, also known as the Darkling, the Lord of Chaos or the Doom Bringer

Of all the ancient gods Azrai alone refused to claim a single people as his chosen, Azrai alone refused to dwell solely in Aebrynis bending his will on the spirit world (now called the Shadow World) and tying it closely to Aebrynis.

Azrai refused to accept the world as the gods had shaped it, ceaseless in his attempts to improve upon their creation Azrai created the many races of beast-men, raised the best of the Orogs from mere laborers into strong warriors, warped animals into beasts and empowered those he favored with the power of his blood.

Azrai was not content merely with changing the physcial bodies of those he corrupted. He also taught the first human wizards the secrets of necromancy and evocation magic perverting twelve of the greatest of these wizards into the legendary Lost and is said to have taught slavery to mankind.

Azrai's followers came to dominate the continent of Aduria, driving out the ancestors of the Cerilians. Azrai then moved amongst the people of Cerilia corrupted the Vos from Vorynn's teachings, twisted Raesene Andu against his family and drove him to recruit an army of like-minded folk, roused the goblins to war and even convinced the elves to ally against the humans of Cerilia.

When Azrai realized that these forces would not defeat the people of Cerilia he summoned his servants in Aduria to his aid, these clashed with the massed armies of Cerilia at Mount Deismaar and the rest, as they say, is history. Azrai was killed by Anduiras at Deismaar, but in his dying slew Anduiras. Azrai was so powerful however that he, unlike the other gods did not truly die; instead his spirit was drawn to his power base in the Shadow World and over the centuries came to reform as the Cold Rider.

An alternate theory is that having poured his power into many of his champions prior to Deismaar, the part of Azrai within the Lost, his generals and the great beasts together with his close ties to the Shadow World was enough to prevent Azrai's death. It is unarguable that the Lost were drawn into the Shadow World on Azrai's death as were many of his other followers and proponents of viewpoint point to this as proof that these minions were empowered with Azrai's bloodline before his death at Mount Deismaar.

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