Avani and Sarma debate who is better loved

Myth » Avani and Sarma debate who is better loved
In the Zikalan Temple of Avani, this particular exchange between Avani and Sarma is a particular favorite. It is read on the Day of Rebirth. Other sects generally don`t necessarily reject the occurrence of such an exchange, but see no advantage in celebrating it, especially on a day important to Sarma.
Avani said:

`Mad you are, Sarma,

when you reckon up your ugly, hateful deeds;

Rilni knows, I think, all fate,

though he does not speak out.'
Sarma said:

`Be silent Avani, I know all about you;

you aren`t lacking in blame;

you steal the honor of my gifts to the Khinasi here,

for `tis I who bestow their prosperity.'
Avani said:

`False is your tongue, I think you just want

to yelp about wicked things;

the Khinasi scorn you, for they are knowing,

you are nothing but greed.'

Sarma said:

`Be silent, Avani, you`re a witch

and much imbued with malice,

you turn your magic to evil and destruction,

you know nothing of prosperity.'

Avani said:

`You covet the love of my people,

you think it a fine thing to steal what you want;

but I say unto you, the Khinasi know

that I protect them from the likes of you.'

Sarma said:

`You mistake yourself that you are loved;

your people fear that all their lands

will burn as a desert

if they do not placate you.'

Avani said:

'You are as mistaken as Eloéle,

who is foolish in her estimations;

for neither of you can discern

what is means to be loved.'

Sarma said:

`You`re confused and must be dreaming,

when you hint that Khirdai loves not my daughter.'

Avani said:

`That the night was ravaged by storms,

is well known to all;

but the beauty and warmth of Leira

pleaseth Khirdai`s heart like

the fire suits the rider come out of the rain

You cannot take what is mine,

nor your daughter what is my daughter's;

your greed and grasping ways are too

well known to us and to the Khinasi people

go home to your pile of coins

and find in them cold comfort.'

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