KhinasiPlains StatesAriyan Temple of Avani

Ariyan Temple of Avani


Lord High Patriarch, Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi


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[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The Ariyan Temple of Avani is devoted primarily to Avani as the Lady of Reason. Avani acknowledged as a goddess of order, but this is believed to stem from Reason. She is known as goddess of the sun, and in this respect is the giver of life and warmth. The Ariyan Temple is the origin of the teachings known as the Ariyan School of doctrine. This school takes a more beneficent approach to Avani's word than other schools, regarding her word as preaching peace and prosperity through an orderly life of submission to truth and justice, leading to a rich, rewarding life.


[top]Major Centers of Worship

The Life and Protection of Avanalae is an offshoot of the Ariyan Temple, and follows the doctrine of the Ariyan School.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Ariyan Temple of Avani
Ariya (7/0)GFA (4)ATA (5)GCC (3)Rh
TAn (2)BK (2)
GFA (1)
Assarif (1/4)UaT (1)CK (1)BK (1)Rh (1)
AzÚdas (1/4)UaT (1)TAn (1)GCC (1)Rh (1)
Djef el-Kadir (1/4)YaH (1)-BK (1)Rh (4)
Kfeira (3/4)GFA (2)ATA (2)GCC (2)Rh (4)
Kouzir (2/3)GFA (1)ATA (1)GCC (1)Rh (3)
Tegher (2/3)GFA (1)ATA (1)BK (2)Rh (3)

Abbreviations: ATA=Ariyan Temple of Avani (Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi); GFA=Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi (Ariya); YaH=Yazid al-Hakam (Shoufal); UaT=Umar al-Thaqafi (Adaba); CK=Chosen of Kirdai (Taril Herad); TAn=Temple of the Ancients (Jasmina el-Mesir); ZMG=Zha´nge Merchant Guild (Aswan bin Serhouf); BK=Brotherhood of Khet (Turiye min Saida); GCC=Gold Coast Coster (Omadi the Quick); Rh=RahÝl the Falcon; AR=Adara bint Reshoud.

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