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Andien and Sons

Guildmaster Bannier Andien
Recommended (Nbl/Rog)

GB Income:
10? GB (Guild 8? GB, Trade Routes 2 GB)
RP Income:
13 RP
8¼ GB (Navy 6 GB, Fortifications ¼ GB, Court 2 GB)
12 GB / 20 RP


Originally a lieutenant of Northern Imports and Exports, Bannier Andien parted ways with his old regent a few years ago and took holdings in Talinie and Dhoesone with him. Once well on his way to establishing himself as Talinie's own guilder, Adaere Doneim let information about Bannier's past employment work its way to Talinie's Thane, Thuriene Donalls, who no longer trusts him. As a result of this distrust the guild is focusing its effort to growing in Dhoesone although this has been heavy going with strong opposition from Storm Holtson and Mheallie Bireon.

Andien and Sons is less aggressive than the other guilds, striving to differentiate itself from its competitors by avoiding the 'fast buck mentality' in favor of building partnerships with local townsmen and nobles to ensure that it has local support for its actions.

[top]Commerce and Production

Andien and Sons controls a substantial amount of mining and lumbering in Dhoesone and extends these activities into wood-working, metal smithying and running markets in many towns. As a sideline the guild increasingly makes loans to the nobility, clergy and others who can pledge assets as collateral and can be trusted to repay the loan or forfeit their assets.

[top]Centers of Trade

Dantier Manor, located on the isolated northern island off the shore of Taline is still the main base of operations for the guild.

[top]Other assets

Bannier still maintains a large fleet of 4 Galleons and 6 Caravels. Roughly half this fleet is in port at any one time, while the rest are scattered along the west coast of Anuire carrying trade goods.


The guild was founded in Talinie by Bannier Andien and his father after they wrested control of several holdings from Adaere Doneim, and expanded into Dhoesone when it was undermined in Taline by Adaere Doneim. Aside from its long discord with Doneim, the guild is noted for a deep animosity with the Upper Anuire Traders over some initial business deals that went badly sour and repeated raids by goblins on Andien and Sons guild caravans which Bannier considers the Upper Anuire Traders to be behind.


Bannier's father held the position of guildsmaster for only a few years and Bannier was said to run the guild even then, as Bannier ages many guild members wonder who will take over the guild in years to come for Bannier's daughter seems uninterested in guild affairs.

[top]Important Figures

Bannier Andien, guildmaster of Andien and Sons

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Andien and Sons
Hidaele, Dhoesone (2/3)FD (1)HBT (2)BA (2)CD (3)
BA (0)
Romiene, Dhoesone (1/4)BA (1)OA (1)BA (1)CD (4)
FD (0)
Greensward, Talinie (2/5)TD (1)NIT (2)BA (2)TA (5)
Ice Haven, Talinie (3/4)TD (2)NIT (3)BA (2)TA (4)
SH (0)
Lindholme, Talinie (5/2)TD (3)NIT (4)BA (3)TA (2)
AB (2)SH (2)
Serimset, Talinie (2/5)TD (1)NIT (2)BA (2)TA (5)
Dantier Island, The Siren (1/6)--BA (1)-
Abbreviations: FD = Fhiele Dhoesone (Dhoesone); BA = Bannier Andien (Andien and Sons); HBT = James Ardannt (Haelyn's Bastion of Truth); CD = Caliedhe Dosiere (Imperial City); OA = Oaken Grove of Aeric (Gunther Brandt); TD = Thuriene Donalls (Northern Imperial Temple); NIT = Northern Imperial Temple); TA = Torele Anviras; SH = Storm Holtson (Stjordvik Traders); AB = Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine);
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