Ambles-on-Hillsfair is the bureaucratic centre of the Burrows. It is where a lot of the wealthy residents live and where the Quintain administrates the realm.

[top]The Land

Geographically, Ambles-on-Hillsfair has two halves. To the north, the land is mainly meadows and farms. Many have favoured orchards, crops and dairy, helped by the gentle easterly winds and good rain. These lowlands are where the bulk of the produce is generated in the province.

In contrast, the south has rolling hills and dales which don't favour large scale farming that requires flat land. However, the richer halflings have taken advantage of this to claim valleys for themselves, following traditional architectural practises and built into the sides of the hills and knolls. Many rich residents have set up their own little estates in the fair hills. Their burrows are the modern equivalent of the more older buildings found in Greenlock and Fellrock.

From the hills flow a number of streams, brooks and riveletsoccasionally cause

The Asarwe River forms the province's southern border. From the hills flow a number of streams, brooks and riverlets that feed into the river, but also are known to flood areas of the northern meadows. By the river, some halflings have seaside residences and private docks, but with the land of the Sphinx yonder on the other side, not many venture far into the water. Even guilders rarely launch from there, sticking to more secure ports further up the river, like Bowersend.


The town of Dunleading is on the lowlands. Most of the administration of the Burrows is managed from Dunleading. Both the main guilds operate from Dunleading.

The estates in the hills are mainly grouped in three boroughs, based on the creeks and small rivers as well as old family allegiances: Grintop, Trotham, Mikkling.

The town of Ayleswye is the intermediary marketplace for a lot of the trade with Westwold and Greenlock.

The village of Lon Finney is closer to southern Coarsewell, dealing more with its timber and livestock.


The Chambers of Dunleading: the Quintain Council run their administration from the Chambers in Dunleading. Central to that is the five-sided council room known as the Hale Chamber.


Traditionally, the name is just Ambles, but the fancier name Ambles-on-Hillsfair is preferred as it refers more to where the landowners live, rather than where the workers can be found. Both find it helpful to give them the impression of importance.


The main regents are:
Other major figures are:
  • Other members of the Quintain Council
  • ... , provincial Deacon of the Land's Protectorate
  • ... , primary agent of Burnlaffen, Childe, and Tallrow
  • Raedi Ghosaima ibn Samee al-nar, the ambassador from Sendoure
  • ... , an elf from the Coulladaraight
  • ... , an active patron of the arts and crafts
  • ... , a dwarven guilder who supplies stone masonry throughout the Burrows
  • Troya Surefeather, the chief archivist and historian
  • Finley Crelyon, a half-elf who runs the primary courier service
  • Graysund Fenstone, leader of the Quintain Brigade of Guardians and Watchers

While the Standish of Ambles represents the province and by extension the realm as regent, Dunleading also has a mayor and each of three boroughs have a representative who petitions the Standish with their concerns.

[top]Plot and Rumours

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