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Seven Sultans, the Red Kings
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Aftane is the union of three city states (Aftane, Adaba, Shoufal) and is united in some ways with the Brotherhood of Khet, Chosen of Kirdai, and the Wizard of Ber Tarva. The seventh sultan, the Red Herald, has no domain, but is the essential face of the Red Kings, the secretive regents of these domains.

[top]Life and Society

With the exception of the cities of Aftane, Adaba, and Shoufal, this realm has little to offer. The savanna is too dry for prosperous farming or herding. Raiders from the Tarvan Waste make the countryside even more dangerous. The Red Kings concentrate on the cities, where the most power is.

The fortress city of Aftane is policed by the kharmin moushal: the Red Guards, who harass foreigners routinely.

The city of Adaba remains important, for without its fortified harbor, the king's fleet would find itself at the mercy of the Emir of Mesire, who could bar Aftane's passage into the Baïr el-Mehare.

Shoufal, an oasis city, sits on the caravan routes south of the Tarvanian Hills. The Red King (Yazid al-Hakam) who rules here has alienated the populace to the point of rebellion. The several geirhou of Shoufal would profit from a return to Ariyan governance. The wizardess Adara is an outspoken advocate of this idea.

[top]The Land



[top]Important Figures

[top]The Red Kings

Ghada al-Du?ali, Sultan of Aftane

Umar al-Thaqafi, Sultan of Adaba

Yazid al-Hakam, Sultan of Shoufal

Turiye min Saida, Sultan, and Guildermaster of the Brotherhood of Khet

Taril Herad, Sultan, and Hierarch of the Chosen of Kirdai

Bedoureg, Sultan, and Wizard of Ber Tarva

Arlando el-Adaba, Sultan, and the Red Herald

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain table

Note: This table reports only the land of Aftane. The full domains of each sultan should be handled in their pages.
Also note: The Cities of the Sun accessory reports all law holdings as being under the control of the Red Kings. It's up to the DM to decide if el-Adaba is the ruler of all law holdings, or if each sultan has law control on each province.

Domain Table: Aftane
Adaba (4/1)Red (2)TAn (4)ZMG (3)Bed (1)
CK (2)
Aftane (6/0)BK (3)CK (5)BK (3)-
Red (3)ZMG (2)
Barserat (1/5)Red (1)CK (0)BK (1)Rh (5)
Ber Tarva (0/5)---Bed (4)
Busada (2/3)CK (2)CK (2)-Bed (2)
Dourat (0/5)Red (0)CK (0)-AR (3)
Fara Zhainge (2/3)Red (1)TAn (1)ZMG (1)Bed (3)
Jeifel (1/4)Red (1)CK (0)-AR (3)
Kafrin (1/4)Red (1)CK (1)BK (1)-
Oused (2/3)Red (2)CK (1)-Bed (2)
Seidre (1/4)Red (1)CK (1)BK (1)AR (2)
Shoufal (5/0)Red (2)CK (3)BK (4)AR (0)
Abbreviations: Red = Red Kings (Aftane); CK = Chosen of Kirdai (Taril Herad); TAn = Temple of the Ancients (Jasmina el-Mesir); ZMG = Zhaïnge Merchant Guild (Aswan bin Serhouf); Bed = Bedoureg; BK = Brotherhood of Khet (Turiye min Saida); Rh = Rahíl the Falcon; AR = Adara bint Reshoud;

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