Aerele city

Aerele city (Large City): standard; AL LN; 50,000 gp limit; Assets: 50,000,000; Population: 25,000; Anuirean (90% human, 6% Half-Elves, 2% Halfling, 2% other)

The City of Aerele is the capital of the Diemed. It is the largest single city in the duchy, and harbors many of the most important institutions in the realm. It has a history stretching back to the beginning of the human settlement on Cerilia, and the ancient buildings and monuments are numerous. Even though the city is both an important center of government and trade, and has a relatively wealthy population, there is a striking atmosphere of decay and lack of maintenance. During the reign of the dukes during the centuries after the fall of the empire there has gradually been less and less people living in the city. Large areas of the city, especially further up the river and on the northern side of town, are to a large extent depopulated. This is not surprising as the number of people living in the city is now less than a third of what it was five centuries ago. There has been a certain improvement the last couple of years, but even this effort can only go so far as to revitalize a depleted city. The only areas that can be said to resemble what the city used to be its height is Caer Aerele and surrounding holdings of the duke, the quarters of the most influential noble families, and the mansions at the top of the merchants' quarter.

Aerele, a walled city, sits on a bluff over looking the Straits. On clear days, the coast of the old country can be seen looking across the mysterious blue waters. Gorgeous Masetian marble covers the downtown merchant square.

An aqueduct provides fresh water for the bustling city and engineering and magical feats have resulted in large fountains in many places throughout Aerele.

Aerele is also hosts to the Avelerine Cathedral. This is the oldest cathedral dedicated to the worship of Haelyn, and the home of the sacred Book of Laws. Some of the oldest monasteries are also located in the province, some of which go back to the days even before Deismaar.

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