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Long ago, long before the Six Tribes existed, even before the greatest of the seers could divine the creation of the Six Tribes, a powerful God called Aebrynis created a world in the Prime Material and named it after himself. He created a race similar to Elves of his friend Corellon and named them the Sidhelien. The Sidhelien were one with the world of their creator, and they rejoiced in its bounty. But the Sidhelien were lonely, and wanted other intelligent creatures to make them company. So Aebrynis called on Moradin, another of his friends, and asked him to create some of his Dwarves to trade with the Sidhelien. Creator of the Dwarves agreed and created some of his people on Aebrynis. Dwarves lived in mountains, and the Sidhelien in woods of a small continent on Aebrynis. They often traded and exchanged art and culture, living in peace and happiness for ages.
But when there is nothing wrong, there are evil forces that try to make something wrong. Evil gods, Baatezu and Tanar'ri discovered the world Aebrynis created and wanted to feed on it. So evil races such as Goblinoids, Ogres, Trolls, Gnolls and similar came into being. For a long time Sidhelien and Dwarves fought against these minions of evil, and balance between good and evil was established on Aebrynis.
Aebrynis noticed this but didn't interfere, as he considered balance a good thing. Enjoying the beauties of his creation, he met and fell in love with a Sidhelien woman called Cerilia. They lived in happiness for a long time and she bore him many offsprings who lived among the Sidhelien. Anduiras, the oldest son of Aebrynis and Cerilia, was the most warlike of all his children. He spent a lot of time fighting evil creatures with Sidhelien armies. Basaïa we the oldest daughter. Unlike her older brother, she was calm and calculating, always trying to prevent him from charging into his death. Masela was a quiet girl, always residing near the coast of Cerilia, trying to spend as much time in water as she could. Brenna indulged in trade and often travelled between the realms of Sidhe and Dwarves, bringing high-quality goods back with each her journey. Reynir was the most friendly with Sidhelien, and spent most of his time in the woods, enjoying the creations of his father. Vorynn was interested in magic and nothing else. He spent a lot of time with his father, learning the ways of great godly powers.
The family lived in happines, but everything comes to an end. Jealous of their happiness, a powerful Baatezu known as Azrai came to the world, trying to take it from Aebrynis. Angry God expelled Azrai from his world, but not before the devil managed to do what he came for. Cerilia was suffering from a deadly hellish disease, and not even a God as powerful as Aebrynis could help her. Overwhelmed with thoughts of revenge, Aebrynis left his world and went into Baator, searching for Azrai, trying to find and destroy him on his home plane, once and for all the times. Azrai could not hide long from one of the most powerful deities, and was soon discovered and destroyed in a fierce battle.
Aebrynis tried to take Azrai's devilish heart from his corpse, but to his surprise failed to find it. Then Azrai's spirit rose from his smashed body, roaring with evil laughter. He told Aebrynis that he encased his heart in the center of Aebrynis' world, and that it can never be removed without destroying the world itself.
Desperate, Aebrynis captured Azrai's spirit and took him back to his world. After a long time of pondering, he decided that he could not destroy his creation just to undo Azrai. Instead, he decided to sacrifice himself and turn his world into an eternal prison for Azrai.
Using the energy of his own divine essence, Aebrynis erased all memories from Azrai, putting him into ages-long sleep. The rest of his power he used to create another world around his own, the world made of all negative emotions he never expirienced before. His energy almost gone, he instructed his children to take care of his world, and to help Azrai become a good deity once he reawakened. Finally, he created a new continent, Aduria, where his children would guard Azrai, and erased all knowledge of gods from the minds of his beloved Sidhelien.
With Aebrynis gone and Azrai in sleep, Aebrynis' children rose to godhood and created their own people. Similar to Sidhelien, yet shortlived and much more fertile, these Humans were created to provide a great number of worshippers and power needed to contain Azrai if his memories were not fully ereased. Anduiras created Andu, a warlike people like himself. Brenna created the Brecht, a trading and peaceful nation. Reynir created his Rjurik who lived in the wildlands as one with the nature, such like his father's Sidhelien, yet in a way unique to Humans. Masela created Masetians, seafaring people who kept eye on Cerilia.
Vorynn was against the idea of creating another race from the beginning, but did so when the majority decided that it should be done. He created the Vos and gave them the least hospitable lands on Aduria, never paying much attention to them. Abandoned by their creator, the Vos were always the least developed of all Humans. Finally, Basaïa grew to be the most powerful of Aebrynis' children. She was against her father's decision to give Azrai another chance, and refused to guard him in his sleep, much less tutor him when he reawakens. She used her immense power to create another continent, called Djapar, and settled it with her own people, called Basarji.
The Six Tribes lived in peace and happiness until Azrai awakened, and some time after that event. Ages after he was imprisoned, former Baatezu awoke as a young deity, knowing nothing of the universe and secrets of good and evil. The other gods accepted him into thier ranks, teaching him of all they knew. Even Basaia was delighted with his eagerness to learn.
However, happy times lasted short, as always. Young Azrai noticed that other gods had their people while he didn't. For the first time he felt jealousy, a thing new to him, a thing he could not learn from his tutors. With jealousy, come memories of jealousy he felt towards Aebrynis, and then the other memories slowly started coming back one by one. However, he didn't confront his enemy's children immediatelly. He learned more, regaining his power. He created his own people, who grew to match those of Basaia. He took over the Vos from uncaring Vorynn and gained alliance with the other evil forces on Aebrynis. He regularly went into the Shadow World, seeking a way to escape the prison.
In his power, he foresaw the events that would lead to the Battle of Mount Deismaar and his own destruction. So, when he discovered the way out of Aebrynis and the Shadow World, he kept waiting for the battle, planning to escape in the last moments and let the other gods destroy themselves.
However, he was late, and his scheme failed. A part of him survived in the Shadow World, now known as the Cold Rider, making it even more dreadful and imprisoning place than Aebrynis ever could. Even with their destruction, the scions of divine Bloodline of Aebrynis and Azrai are still battling for dominance of the world.

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