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Mark of AdrialaMark of Adriala

Female Brecht Class X/ Multi-class Y; CR
Sorceress of Shadow Obelisk
Lineage (description of social class)
Major Bloodline of derivation, X
alignment Medium Humanoid

Init +0
Languages Low Brecht, High Brecht, Anuirean, Rjurik

AC , touch , flatfooted
Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft
Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)
Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)
Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities
Description: , lbs
Italicize feats and abilities followed by a brief description
Adriala the Dark

Typical Dialogue:
"The spirits foretold your arrival. I hope this does not disturb you. The spirits are all-seeing and all-knowing, and I am their medium."
"Druids? What to they know of the Spirit World? Where I not too occupied with my projects here, I would spend my days in sport hunting them as they tried to stumble through the ethereal plane."
"Tell your master, Quirad, that I already have plans for that beast, and that he would be wise not to challenge me."
Adriala was born in Dauren, but had no soon as she completed her apprenticeship with the old Master Henkill, that she was arrested and imprisoned. Henkill was charged with commerce with the Shadow World, and his apprentices were assumed to be tainted by his work. Ultimatly, Henkill arranged for the possession of the court magistrate, and was soon found innocent. Nevertheless, Adriala took her own revenge. She placed a curse upon the daughter of the ducal bailiff who then threw herself off of a cliff into the cold waters of the Dauren Arm. She was witnessed by a noblemen on the hunt, and when he proved able to resist a charm, a curse, and the attack from a friendly spirit, Adriala took to the road. She began to build a network of sources in Rohrmarch, where she ran afoul of the Sayer of Coullabhie. She tried to remove him from the picture by means of an alliance with the unseelie court in the Shadow World, but the Sayer proved able to deal with those challenges and was well on his way to capturing Adriala when she fled to the Shadow World. There she remained for nearly five decades of time as we account for it in the physical world. When she emerged she had not appeared to have aged a day, but mysterious white streaks in her hair revealed that something strange had happened to her.
She spent some time in Anuire, passing herself off as a wizard specializing in divination. During this time she served as the court mage in Ghieste, then in Osoerde. Neither of those realms having experienced happiness and prosperity, demand for Adriala's service was negligable. Adriala decided to settle among less sophisticated folk, to allow her some measure of secrecy and made her way to the Taelshore. There she encountered the welcome of the devious Eorl of Yvarre, Fulgar the Bold. Adriala assisted Fulgar by placing curses on his enemies, disturbing their dreams, and spying on them by means of spirits. Fulgar had already employed the services of a Khinasi necromancer, the exile Qurad al-Din, and when Fulgar siezed the throne of Rjuvik, the two spellcasters were allowed to pluck as many sources away from the Emerald Spiral as they pleased.
Adriala keeps to herself for the most part, though she does regularly meet with Fulgar, pay a small tribute to the Eorls of the provinces in which her sources are located, and she usually appears at Fulgar's military battles. In order to keep the druids off balance, she encourages the rumors that she from a different plane of existence and that her mastery over the Shadow World is native. Sketa of Aandvjor, Jarlless of Aandvjor, has recently completed her apprenticeship with Adriala and returned to Aandvjor.

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