A new PBeM set in Anuire has begun. Only a few
domains have been taken so far, so there are still
plenty of openings. Particularly, several of the
larger realms are still available.
If you are interested in joining, please visit

Please send all replies to fallen_empire_dm@yahoo.com

Below is a copy of an email I`ve been forwarding
around to people interested in the game:

"For the last few months, I have been in the process
of organizing another Birthright PBEM to run. Now
that I have completed the preparations, I am finally
ready to begin the advertisement phase.
If you are interested in joining, spread the word to
people that you know would be interested. The URL is

Despite having the same name, this is not the same
game. Feel free to play a different character in a
different domain if that is your choice.
Already, a few people who have already joined have
taken on different domains.

I`m trying to create an action-filled and dynamic game
with a large attention to detail (much like I believe
the last game was). Extensive character backgrounds
and detail in the turn submissions will be rewarded.


PS: Please send all game-related correspondence to
fallen_empire_dm@yahoo.com or ICQ: 27740428"

--Chris Linebarger, master of the Imperial Archive (www.geocities.com/fearless_leader101)

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