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    I was looking at the Lawgiver PrC on and it looks like a difficult
    PrC to qualify for. Of the so-called PC classes, only Bard and Rogue have
    Sense Motive as class skills, so characters either need to mult-class into
    one of those classes (hardly the heart of Haelyn) or spend 10 skill points
    to aquire the neccesary 5 ranks of Sense Motive. On the other hand, the
    Aristocrat has access to all of the skills required: Diplomacy, Knowledge
    (Nobility and Royalty), and Sense Motive. Only bards and wizards have
    standard access to Knowledge (N&R), but I`m assuming most campaigns have
    other access to that for BR. Still, this looks like a PrC mostly for
    Aristocrat/Clerics, since the ability to cast 2nd level spells is required.

    Overall, it looks like a 4th level character (Cleric 3/Aristocrat 1) could
    qualify for it, except for the Leadership requirement. That normally
    requries 6 character levels. IMC, Aristocrats get Leadership at 1st level
    (though they can`t gain cohorts until they have 6 character levels) so they
    might still be able to take this as a 4th level character.

    I`d probabaly end up dropping the Sense Motive prereq, and requiring 8 ranks
    of Diplomacy and Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty). That would put the skill
    ranks requirement and the standard 6th level Leadership prereq on a better
    par with each other. This way the obstacle of Sense Motive is removed, and
    it therefore a benefit to get it as a Lawbringer class skill.

    IMC, I`d go further and drop the spellcasting requirement and add Knowledge
    (Law) as an 8 rank requirement as well. This means Aristocrats and Experts
    with no multi-classing could take it. I can imagine encountering an
    Aristocrat 5/ Lawbringer 3, or an Expert 4/Lawbringer 4. That would be
    pretty cool. I`d probabaly also substitute "Helped establish new Law
    holdings" in place of "led a unit in war".

    Kenneth Gauck

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    Because it is one of the deity specific PrCs, it should be difficult to qualify for (some tend to call them too powerful otherwise).

    Originally this PrC is made for a cleric 6 or paladin 8 of Healyn, building a Cleric 6/ Lawbringer 1 or a Paladin 8/ Lawbringer 1. The character shouldn't be able to qualify for it before 6th level. To give an aristocrat this PrC without any spell casting ability, won't make him able to cast spells then...

    But if you like this class, feel free to change prerequisites (but not the spell casting, if possible).
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