Following some recent posts on how this was handled in Talinie and with
reference to certain guild holders being less concerned about the
ecosystem, some posts were made suggesting that the source potential
could be based off guild holdings instead of population values per se.

While, I don`t think that is a fantastic idea, the original reason
remains sound. There are realms where the guild holders (usually with
the consent of - or based on the inability of the realm holder to
oppose) are allegedly making more GB at the expense of the land itself.

If an occupying force can pillage the land (creating displaced persons,
slaves and generally weakening the support and infrastructure) leading
to a loss of population/province level - couldn`t we have a similar
action that pillages the land - not to reduce population/infrastructure
etc - but which will attack the land itself - and reduce it`s magic
capacity in a way similar to the reduction caused by an increase in
population. Each such action could generate extra GB, but reduce the
magic potential by 1 point in the process. Such an action should be
limited to guild(1+) holders in the province and can be opposed by other
regents with interests in the province.

Perhaps the ability of the land to support population is also reduced
(cf the Basilisks Domain), due to the devastation caused by strip
mining, pollution, or whatever. I`m not usually in favor of adding extra
statistics or data that must be kept track of, but there is some
anecdotal support for such results. Given that such results are
possible, perhaps the player regents (and NPCs) should be able to
recreate them.

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