Harvey Slaughter and I are working on restarting In the Shadows of Deismaar, legendary PBeM game started so long ago by Morg and Fro.

ItSoD2 will be played in most up-to-date 3rd edition rules. The game will continue where ItSoD stopped, which is year 558MR, but the turns will start counting from 1 to avoid confusion.

Currently, we are looking for old players(from both Anuire and Brechtur games) who would like to resume their characters and/or send us any info they might have about the domains they played. We are also looking for DMs to run other regions of Cerilia or assistants to help us with Anuire and Brechtur.

You can take a look at our site on www.ItSoD2.tk and follow our progress. Most of Anuirean site is complete, though there are still several more fundamental and estetic upgrades left.