Many of the new clerical feats rely on channeling divine energy, and is controlled by the use of Turn Undead. Many have been content to use standard clerics with domains to reflect the various Cerilian priesthoods. A variety of circumstances have led me to abandon that mechanic. Ultimatly, John Machin has convinced me to regard the generic cleric as something more like a wizard in its strengths and weaknesses, just from a divine perspective. Certain priesthoods -Haelyn, Cuiraécen, and Belinik- get a package of weapons and armor proficencies that resemble the standard cleric. Haelyn and Cuiraécen get access to martial weapons, heavy armors, and shields. Belinik gets access to martial weapons and heavy armors. These count as feats granted to those priesthoods class templates as opposed to other goodies available to other priesthoods.

And so on until all the priesthoods have been reconstructed to match the BoP with an eye to 3e balance.

That leaves the clerical feats which allow channeling the power of your diety to use divine feats. Four Cerilian gods don`t turn or rebuke undead. Certainly every priest can channel the deity`s energy to some effect, even if its not to turn to rebuke undead. So I figure that every priest has as a class feature the ability to channel divine energy. Some priests also get the ability to use that divine energy to turn or rebuke undead as a granted power. Druids use this ability to shapechange. So every priest can assume the ability to channel energy three times per day plus their Charisma modifier.

Divine energy.

Kenneth Gauck

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