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    I need a few people to test my current module (The College of Sorcery), a city/dungeon adventure set in the Imperial City. This module should be more of a role playing/solving puzzle type adventure than a hack and slash (which seem to be what most are at the moment). While there are monsters and enemys, they can be avoided or defeated in others ways, so any character can survive and progress.

    What I'm looking for is for people to go through the game, test everything I have put in place, check for errors (even something as simple as a spelling mistake), etc and provide a few suggestions of where areas can be improved, what doesn't work, what could be better, etc.

    Currently I have completed five areas, and partily completed a sixth (the sewers). Only the actual maps are done, with a couple of NPCs added and only one, very short, conversation so far.

    If you are interested in helping out, then contact me directly (do not reply to this forum) at
    Let me claim your Birthright!!

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    i can help.Send me mesage

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