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    Hi Im a roleplaying nerd from Denmark, whos favorite campaignsetting is Birthright by Tsr made in 1995.

    I been visiting alot of Birthright fansites over the years since birthright was taken off the maket to see if there was any life in the game here on the net.

    I found a lot of pretty good work, interested fans - GM's and players. And alot of willingness to keep the game alive. I even found play-by-email-birthright campaigns, but I mself was too lazy to make one myself for others to play.

    The most interesting project lately is ofcause the re-writing of the BR campaign setting to 3. edition D&D rules... ( or .org or .net...dont remember and the fan-run But the project is ENOURMOUS and i think that the people who get this netversion of the BR game actually owns the old BR campaign setting.... So there will be alot of unnessesary junk in such a re-writing. There will also be a lot of 'personal taste', so the old rules that the writer dont like is completely rewritten.

    Therefore my idea is less grandiouse...I want to write a short (max 30 pages) compendium for CONVERTING (not changing) the BR rulebook - no more, no less.

    On this forum i need YOU to help ME in finding every little detail i might have overlooked, every chapter will be discussed in a new topic.

    I start each topic/chapter by systematically scanning for any changes that needs to be pointed out.
    Anything you drastically dont agree upon can be discussed, but Never ever jsut say 'that - i dont like...change it to something else', please argue.
    And anything i have overlooked will also be discussed.

    the adress for my own diskussion group is:

    (might be moved to if agreeable for implementor)

    i planned the project like this:

    1- systematical discussion (in the 30 day trial period) to see if there is any interest on the ezboards for discussing the toppic.

    2- if discussion is woken, i will buy the discussion forum here on ezboards. Maybe with economic help from interested fans. then the discussion will contiue until we have no more to discuss.

    3- writing it all together.

    4- alpha testing... a gamemaster, who only knows 3e rules and never has seen the BR campaign setting before or the 2nd edition ad&d game, will get 4 things... 3e core rulebooks, our compendium, the old birthrigt campaign setting, and a 'monster conversion guide'(from wizards homepage). Any questions that arises from this alpha testing will and must be fleshed out before next step.

    5- beta test... the near-finished compendium will be released on the hardcore BR, the discussionists, and the people who might have contributed with money to keep the forum alive.

    6- collection of idears and errata from betatest...and formulating them into the compendium.

    7- spellcheck, by a REAL englishspeaking person, who is good at writing, not a Dane like me.

    8- layout - a person who knows how to make nice real birthrigt text and making the compendium in pdf format (prob a net recruited br-fan) will brush up the compendium to look professional.

    9- distribution of the compendium to BR fansites. Distribution of compendium to WoTC. distribution to people on this discussion forum.

    Hope to see you visit my project soon!

    Tue Wincentz Boas

    PS: what i want by doing this is project is to get a more 'back to basic' compendium than then one done by Travis Doom. I really like his work, but in my opinion too much is changed. I hope there are more people out there who agrees with me. But i seek no discussion on this subject. I will do this compendium alone if i have to; but i want to say whole hearthy THANKS to Travis Doom and collegues for a GREAT job! You have my utmost respect!

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    Hi Tubifix, in my oppinion you will do Travis work twice, but perhaps you have some good or new ideas. So I think just try, good luck!
    May Khirdai always bless your sword and his lightning struck your enemies!

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