Birthright is my favorite campaign setting, primarily because of the Domain system, but I have recently begun creating my own campaign setting. I want to use some version of the Domain system, so that characters can run kingdoms and holdings, etc. This setting is not going to have bloodlines or the divine right of kings idea, so I've had to think of an alternate method upon which to base regency. At first I thought of using the following formula: Regency score = 10 + Leadership skill bonus (ranks + Charisma modifier + miscellaneous modifiers) + Character level (if character has the Leadership feat). I haven't playtested it yet, but the main problem I've run into is that it doesn't really do justice to the situation of mages with their source holdings. I've also thought about creating a Regent PrC with a special ability or abilities that increase a character's regency score. Does anyone else have any ideas about how to handle regency without bloodlines?

In my campaign setting I'm also dropping the idea that magical energy is tied to some intrinsic value of Nature. Instead, I am handling magical energy, still as a natural force, but one that permeates the entire planet (or universe) rather than flow towards and pool in certain ancient and beautiful natural sites. So, the problem arises: how to handle sources? I've been toying with the idea of making a Create Source item creation feat, perhaps along with a Cast Realm Spell feat. Create Source could be subsituted for Summon Familiar at 1st level for those mages starting off as regents. Roughly, the idea behind Create Source is that the mage creates some item/node/nexus that serves as a focal point to draw vast amounts of magical energy from the surrounding area to fuel a realm spell.