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    Osoerde: Moergen's Claim (Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance scenario)

    My super-duper gaming PC decided to give up the ghost. Dead. Stuck with a rig that can't run any fancy modern games, I decided to revisit an old favourite of mine:

    Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance.

    I quickly tried to scavenge for patches and files, as they appear to be getting more and more scarce on the internet.
    Then I found this place. I was happily surprised to see that you have preserved the official Sierra patches, the character editor and the scenario editor. All of which work fine on my system.

    Mucking about with these I decided to take a look at a realm that had always intrigued me... Osoerde. The names, places, marshy location, lack of reference in the game's documentation and the fact that it is non-playable made me want to do some research on this secretive realm.

    Searching on the wiki, I found that Osoerde actually finds itself in quite an interesting predicament. On the brink of civil war, with many interesting counts and barons, holding on to pieces of farmland or swamp. Each with their own loyalties and personal interests.

    A perfect setting for an interesting diplomatic campaign and military struggle. It has a real Medieval feel to it.

    My main gripe with the default game is that it is simply too easy for me to get started. Even on the hardest difficulty settings. So, I decided to turn Osoerde into a Duchy, torn apart by conflicting interests between the Duke's counts, and putting it on the brink of civil war.

    One would first have to rally the entire Duchy, province for province, before one could face the main conflict in Anuire.
    This can be done by playing as one of the counts. Counts like Gavin Agael of the province of Agael and his trusted lieutenant, the Sheriff of Algael. Or as the pretender Duke Jaison Raenech, sitting safely in his keep at Moriel. Or perhaps as the rebel and legitimate Duke William Moergen, who recently assassinated the count of Moergen and with the aid of his cousin, Baron Parniel Moergen, is trying to oppose Raenech.
    Going even deeper than single provinces, the setting would focus heavily on holdings. William Moergen could, for example, use his favourable relations with the Second Swamp Mage to gain a better chance at overthrowing pretender Duke Jaison Raenech. On the other hand, the pretender Duke could strengthen the holdings held by his sister in their ancestral province of Brothendar.

    I’m well on my way in shaping this campaign. My question would be: Is there any interest in such a scenario for Birthright: The Gorgon’s Alliance? Should I bother with writing documentation for each of the playable factions and characters in this scenario?

    Let me know if you're interested, and feel free to give me some feedback! Any tips or requests will be appreciated!

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    Osoerde: Moergen’s Claim – Basic documentation

    Converted factions:
    Cariele > Ghalliere
    Medoere > Algael
    Endier > Moergen
    Rhoube > Brothendar

    Used factions:

    Converted holdings:
    S. Anuire Shipping > Monastery of St. Naelyn
    Haelyn’s Aegis > Gulfport
    Wizard Eyeless One > Foghaven Manor
    Militant Order > Barony of Stonybrook

    Used holdings:
    Monastery of St. Naelyn
    Impregnable Heart of Haelyn
    Second Swamp Mage
    Foghaven Manor
    Barony of Stonybrook

    I’ve tried to make the colours match the coat of arms of each of the counties and nobles. I’ve also tried to use smaller nations to create the new ones, in order to keep the rest of Anuire from becoming too unbalanced. Several provinces have been given to Chaos instead of being given directly to neighboring lands.

    I did try to use the City of Anuire (because of their relatively low impact on the game and their colours) for Ghalliere, but unfortunately this did not work.

    Osoerde’s provinces:

    Ghalliere – Ruled by Ghalliere – Regent: Count Noelon Ansien, lieutenant: Lady Aubrae Ghallie

    Count Noelon Ansien tries to strengthen and defend his county as best he can. While he believes that the Duke is unjust, the interests and safety of his own people come first. Bordering both Ghoere and Elinie, his most recent project had been the fortification of Ghalliere by construction of a new castle.
    Lady Aubrae Ghallie was the daughter of the previous count. Raenech decided to pass her up in favour of her cousin Noelon Ansien, who was deemed more experienced. She still holds some influence, and is directly supported by one of the Lords of the land. Despite being passed up, she remains fairly loyal to her cousin, the current Count of Ghalliere.

    Moergen – Ruled by Moergen – Regent: William Moergen, lieutenant: Baron Parniel Moergen

    Trained as knight of the temple of Haelyn, William Moergen has been gaining in personal and political strength in recent years. Support in the east of Osoerde and his ancestral home of Moergen had grown. Looking to secure his birthright, William assassinated the last Count of Moergen, who had been appointed by the pretender Duke Raenech. Now with the support of his full cousin Parniel Moergen, Baron of Moergen, William looks to reclaim his rightful title as the Duke of Osoerde.
    William also enjoys the favour of the Second Swamp Mage and the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn, who may well be coerced to turn against Duke Jaison Raenech.

    Algael – Ruled by Algael – Regent: Count Gavin Algael, lieutenant: Baron (sheriff) Caern Taurele

    A just and noble man, Count Gavin Algael would love to see the false Duke of Osoerde usurped, and might even be coerced into supporting William Moergen. However, he does not openly oppose Duke Jaison Raenech. Instead he merely tries to rule his province as best he can, with the aid of his lieutenant and trusted vassal, Sheriff Caern Taurele. This is not easy, as the Duke holds much influence over Algael.
    Since the coup d’état many of his subjects have fled to Aerenwe, after Raenech took the reigns of power. Those that remained are hardened and ready to defend Algael.

    Sunken Lands – Ruled by Chaos – Regent: none, lieutenant: none

    The Duke’s law only reaches so far. In the eastern marshes people have grown unruly. Funded by supporters in Coeranys, the chaotic uprising in the Sunken Lands has weakened Duke Raenech’s hold on Osoerde. Coeranys is the ancestral home of Gwenaëlle Coeran, William Moergen’s mother. She had been slain in Raenech’s coup, much to the disgust of the people of Coeranys. They would love to see Jaison Raenech hang and William Moergan installed as rightful ruler of Osoerde.

    Gulfport – Ruled by Osoerde – Regent: Duke Jaison Raenech, lieutenant: Terence Gryphon

    Wealthy and powerful, Countess Halie Almondier of Gulfport decided to align herself with the relentless but efficient Duke Jaison Raenech. She hopes her partnership with the ruler of Moriel and Osoerde will allow her greater riches and security.
    The Duke’s hold on this province is strong. But for him to truly tap into its wealth, Jaison Raenech will be forced to maintain good relations with the Countess, or risk loosing access to the Gulfport itself.

    Moriel – Ruled by Osoerde – Regent: Duke Jaison Raenech, lieutenant: Terence Gryphon

    Jaison Raenech, as de facto Duke of Osoerde, holds this county as his personal fief, and so the county has no count. Raenech is forced to consider Eldried Moriel, the county’s last lord. As Baron of Stonybrook, Eldried still holds some say in Moriel’s affairs.
    Moriel also serves as capital of the Duchy of Osoerde. Loosing hold of Moriel might well lead to Jaison Raenech’s downfall. However, luring the Duke from the safety of Castle Moriel might prove difficult, as he is careful and calculating.

    Spiritsend – Ruled by Osoerde – Regent: Duke Jaison Raenech, lieutenant: Terence Gryphon

    The Viscount Ansien Bindier of Spiritsend spends most of his days in Osoerde’s capital of Moriel. Thus giving the pretender Duke great influence over the viscount and ultimately over the province of Spiritsend. Still, Spiritsend remains a relatively lawless place. The Duke might loose his hold over the province if he does not monitor it carefully.

    Brothendar – Ruled by Brothendar – Regent: Countess Seriena Raenech, lieutenant: Lord Oervel Raenech

    Brothendar is mostly ruled by Raenech’s sister, Seriena Raenech. While she is loyal to the pretender Duke, should she turn against him, Seriena could greatly compromise Jaison’s hold on the province. .. And ultimately the Duchy. Continuing the illegitimate line of succession, she would be next in line to inherit the throne of Osoerde.
    The Countess is aided by Oervel Raenech, her eldest half-brother.


    Impregnable Heart of Haelyn – Ruled by Hubaere Armiendin – Favours: Moergen
    Controls: Impregnable Heart temple holdings

    During Jaison Raenech’s coup d’état in Moriel, William Moergen was attending the Temple of Haelyn as a squire. The Temple of Haelyn managed to protect William, hiding him from the pretender Duke, who was unaware of the boy’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, William was raised to become a knight of Haelyn.

    Second Swamp Mage – Ruled by Duriene Peracain – Favours: Moergen
    Controls: Second Swamp Mage source holdings

    Duriene Peracain was once the court wizard of Gerold Moergen, Duke of Osoerde and father of William Moergen. During the coup d’état, Duriene faked his own death at the hands of Jaison Raenech, the pretender Duke.
    Duriene peracain, the Second Swamp Mage, now seeks to support William Moergen in ascending to the throne of Osoerde and usurping the pretender Jaison Raenech.

    Monastery of St. Naelyn – Ruled by – Favours: Ghalliere
    -1 lvl2 temple holding in Ghalliere

    Gulfport – Ruled by Countess Halie Almondier – Favours: Osoerde
    -1 lvl2 guild holding in Gulfport

    Foghaven Manor – Ruled by Ansien Bindier – Favours: Osoerde
    -1 lvl1 law holding in Spiritsend

    The Viscount Ansien Bindier of Spiritsend spends most of his days in Osoerde’s capital of Moriel. Thus giving the pretender Duke great influence over the viscount and ultimately over the province of Spiritsend. Still, Spiritsend remains a relatively lawless place. The Duke might loose his hold over the province if he does not monitor it carefully.
    Foghaven Manor plays a key role in ruling Spiritsend, as it is the home of the Viscount and less than a day’s ride from Moriel.

    Barony of Stonybrook – Ruled by Eldried Moriel – Favours: Moergen
    -1 lvl2 law holding in Moriel

    Relations in between the different factions within Osoerde will be altered, of course. Also, Osoerde’s relations with Aerenwe and Coeranys will be less favourable. As both these nations frown upon Raenech’s coup d’état.
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