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    In the adventure the Warlock of the Stonecrowns, the Drake had contact with a drow and her corpse could be found in section 67 in the Halls of Darkness in the Bastard's Borrow. The drow corpse is found with a drow chain armor, a broken hand crossbow, and a holy symbol to Lloth. Now this is not the only oddity found in that adventure. Other such treasures the Drake has are at least seven true names of demon princes and powerful artifacts like the Midnight Cauldron, the Mother of Storms, and the Ebon Cube. Again; great adventure if you have never read it.

    So if a person wants to spice things up: one could add Drow as foreign indavders like the Githzerai (if I am picking the right Gith). If the world of BR has no Drow, and Lloth loves non-drow elf followers, then it makes sense that maybe Lloth would love to gain a foot hold in BR to gain new elf followers. Adding in something and claiming it is from another plane is lazy writing that everyone loves. Toss in an adventure with a band of time traveling tinker gnomes that take the players back in time to a point where the adventures lost their horses because they stole them from themselves now in the past. Do whatever you want; it is just D&D.

    side note: no orcs in BR? I like to think of Cerillia as the land of monsters and whatever made the goblins a little stronger than normal hooked the orcs of BR up and upgraded them all to Orogs. So while a classic D&D game has a variety of lose goblin bands and rather stupid orc nations: BR has several united goblin kingdoms and the more advanced Orog. I think that is fine so that BR is just not rules for domain management overlaid on a generic D&D world. No 10 basic dragons, each is unique and powerful creature of legend.

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    In and of itself, I don`t have a problem with including almost
    anything in a BR campaign. Gnomes, ninjas and drow are not part of
    the setting, but I could imagine an awnsheghlien embodying any of
    those particulars with a more BR flavour:

    The Tinker: an ershegh halfling whose mind has developed a freakish
    affinity for tools, mechanics and crafting. His wondrous devices and
    developments are spoken of with awe and wonder across the
    continent. Some have even whispered that the Tinker has begun to
    create a race of mechanical beings who serve him. Could he be
    creating an army of artificial creatures to overthrow a nearby
    realm? Is he creating clockwork creatures with sentience and even,
    gods forbid, a sentient scion?

    The Shadow Assassin: Spoken of in whispers and in darkened corners of
    the most unwholesome taverns, it is said that a contract with the
    name of a target and an appropriate bag of gems will lead to the
    sudden, unexpected death of anyone, anywhere. The legend speaks of a
    creature wrapped in shadow, clothed in shadow and exuding shadow that
    brings death in counltless ways to hapless victims. Is he an
    awnsheghlien or some being of that world that parallels the lands of light?

    The Sidhe of Cinders: burnt black as night by the corruption of his
    own blood, the Nightelf is said to lead a vast, continent spanning
    network of spies and murderers who operate as the intelligence
    network of the Gheallie Sidhe. His hatred of humanity is rivalled
    only by the Manslayer himself. Rumors about that Rhoubhe is The
    Blackelf`s greatest ally, his most hated competitor for the hearts of
    elves, or even his father.

    My point is, anything is possible, but you have to have the right
    attitude towards it, and keep the themes of the setting in mind first.


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