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    Birthright 3.5/3.0: WHAT SHOULD I DOWNLOAD?

    I cannot believe I noticed this site ONLY NOW.
    I'm eager to play a 3.5 (or 3.0) campaign but not entirely sure what file I should download.
    I was expecting to find a complete final conversion (as the 3.5 Dark Sun conversion in I've only found all those many files for Birthright 3r ed, and the WIKI is not usable as a base book on a game table)

    I'm sure this thing has been asked 10.000 times....but many of the threads are old so: what are the most updated files?
    The complete pdf (called "brcs-playtest") or which of the singular Word files?

    Furthermore, what about the sourcebooks, I'm especially interested in New Scions and War & Conquest.
    But from a preliminary look it seems to me that "New Scions" has different bloodline system than the "brcs-playtest" pdf, and is the Battle System in "War & Conquest" compatible with the system in brcs-playtest???

    What should I use?
    What do you suggest I can print to start playing?
    Or should I wait until you publish something more definitive?

    Thank you in advance.
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    The word docs are the most up to date brcs guide, although the wiki should have them and not the playtest. From recollection chapters 1 and 2 were updated but not the others.

    The BRCS project team were not involved in Geeman's new scions or war & conquest books which were designed by him later for his campaign.

    As for which to use I'd say whichever better suits your style - or mix and match, etc, etc.

    There are other 'non-BRCS' examples on the wiki - the brcs was a stand-alone document required under the old 'official fan-site' licence (all official sites had to update systems when TSR/WOTC did) and was never accepted by everyone. I'm playing using the Ruins of Empire system at at the moment for example.

    Have you had a look at the wiki yet?

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    I though that the different chapters were Word, not pdf, But I found them as pdf here:

    So, are you suggesting to use the different pdf files (one per each chapter) there instead the the whole, complete file?

    Are the single chapter files (with no artwork) more updated than the single collection (with artwork)?

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    SO the single chapter-files-no-artwork are more updated than the single-big-artworked file?
    And what should I download?
    From here
    or from the sticky thread ?

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    So are the single chapter files better than the whole document?
    And are the single pdf chapters (see sticky thread above) = to single words chapters?
    And why there's a different 3rd and 4th chapter here?

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    pdf or word?

    So single pdf by chapter in the sticky thread are the same as single word/pdf chapter files in the download section?
    And why there are other word versions of 3rd (bloodiline??) and 4th (backgrounds??) chapters in the download section?
    Somebody should make order in all of this, or at least being clear!!!
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    As far as I am aware Irdeggman's sticky thread on the BRCS is the 'final version' that was ever done.

    The single-pdf play-test version will be very similar but chapters 1 & 2 at least have differences - they went back to the old bloodscore range for example.

    The wiki does have the latest versions, I think that Sorontar has a collection of errata for the BRCS slowly building up.

    After 4e came out (in honesty well before) the BRCS project ran out of steam as people moved on, etc and the community was unhappy with the 'one ruleset to rule them all' perception that seemed common so the sticky thread is likely the final version of BRCS.

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    SO, is that thread updated even if dating to 2005...while the Download section for pdf by chapters says 2010???

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    Probably they were re-uploaded later, there was a problem with the downloads section some time ago.

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    The downloads section had to be rebuilt completely fairly recently so that is probably why that date appears later.

    The BRCS project hit the sandbanks a while back - 2005 sounds about right as it ended before I joined

    I'm pretty sure that Irdeggman (who wrote chapters 1 & 2) made sure that the sticky thread was updated to have the latest versions.

    The 1-pdf with 'playtest' on the front is definitely the earlier version wherever you get hold of it though - and Sorontar made sure that only the latest version went up on the wiki.

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