The main issue that most DM,GM, Storyteller's should have in a Birthright campaign is how to utilize an adversary such as Raesene with literally every available resource at his disposal and also considering the fact of his semi immortality due to his blood abilities and of course his prowess.
Well our main problem during our time playing Birthright ((straight down at role playing level)) was what the hell was/is Raesene doing all these years at his freaking castle of Battlewait, why he is not just bursting out with sword at hand and armies at his disposal and just plain and easy conquer everything. Our first and easiest answer to this was that he has tons of fronts to cover but come on, lets be a bit serious here, Danigau? Mhoried? Thuarviel? Khurin Azur? The Giantdowns? Anuirean domains are to deep plunged in inner turmoil and surely Rjuven how would they organize so fast in such a sudden strike and what about the Brechts? They have the resource they have the forces . do they have the determination? Are they going to leave their coasts if the price is to steep to save their long ago cousins? If not played and logically explained in any campaign as far as I am concerned who would stand against and not just plain and easily to defend but to survive total annihilation. My ((point of view)) answer , noone, surely not someone I can discern from those realms not someone I am aware living and breathing in the surrounding lands, so what that leaves us with?

Raesene is not up to that. Raesenes main goal should not be or could not be or the obvious deductant point of view here would be that Raesene is not the brute that would just conquer and plunder and merely crush everything under its boot. Raesene despite the fact that most people see him as evil and notorious and brutal at most he is or should be played as more than that I suppose. The main issue here is his bloodline, what is Raesene coming to ?
He comes to become a pillar of stone. Which means? Unbend, un-rational, with a strict thought fighting in his mind all these centuries, with solid point of view that cannot be easily or at all changed, taking in mind the properties of his bloodform he is becoming as rigid as stone with mind and body following. Which is this thought then?

Godhood? Domination? Imperialism? Conquer? Destruction? Death? Manipulation? Revenge?

Maybe, lost in his thoughts and surely driven insane of a lifetime of hatred Raesene is trapped in Anuire as far as I am concerned, can he perceive Godhood? Can he discern truth from lying when he hears it? Is it possible for a creature like himself to be coarsed in action in order to achieve redemption and in what form? ((Redemption in the course of success of course cause there should be no other way for Raesene))

Enter the NPC

Several NPC stand at the corner side , hiding in the shadows in order to achieve more in their lifetime. I do believe that Raesene is meant to achieve something but I cannot tell what that is, I can tell you thought that this is not something that history will not remember but to what point is my question. Raesene despite his almight he is as presented at the campaign setting at a standstill, he has no logical action to take and thus he is tormented but incomplete thought. So here come the power of the lesser, if we all accept the fact that when you reach the pinnacle of your power and glory and triumph you rest and in that rest most take advantage, if they cannot openly overrule you what they should come up with? A plan to make you fall on your own, a plan that will lead you to your glory in your blind eyes but in their wide open glare , his doom.