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    Birthright: Gorgon's Alliance. What in the fuuu?


    I recently dusted off the old PC game from the 90's, and was hoping someone here might be able to help me.

    How do I perform advanced actions ie. create ley lines, investitures, roads, contest holdings, etc. I don't see any choices from the menu. There's only muster army, diplomacy, hold action, declare war, etc.

    I can go into the regent/lieutenant profiles and see realm spells (investiture, dispel realm magic, warding, legion of the dead etc.) but I cast spell is always greyed out. I've tried from different provinces, standing on different sources etc. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate the help.

    I'm guessing my inability comes from lack of knowledge about the underlying ruleset... I basically just expand everywhere conquering everything, including my allies, until I have 500 points from owning over half of the province map and almost no holdings. I suspect that's not really the way the game was intended.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Check the level setting of the game you start. There are 3 (I think) levels. Only one of them gives you the full choices of actions that you could do in the PnP game. So just try starting over and see what pop's up on options.

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    Other things that come to mind. Your class will determine whether you can cast a spell or not. Lts. with spells need to perform Lt. action or any other action you want them to do. If you want to cast spells you need a caster class. In order to create ley lines you need source holdings. In order to build roads you need to tax to get funds and you need law holdings in provinces in order to tax and balance your funds so you have the funds left over. Usually grayed out means lack of funds and maybe regency points. To contest holdings you need a holding of the same type I think in the province where you want to contest. Armies I think can occupy provinces and reduce holdings to zero, not sure if its in that game its been years since I played it.

    I hope this helps out, a concern that may come up is the basics of the game with regency and funds or GB. Always look at the tax phase and tweak it. You want to get the most of what you can without losing loyalty. This game allows the standard taxation and a thing I forget the name that allowed law holdings to get money from other holdings incomes. So you want to check the boxes for each and see if you get a little more.

    You can build up your blood strength each turn, but that is expensive. In my opinion going to adventure for the artifacts that give you a higher score from having them is better. Use your regency points to strengthen your domain. In a player run game that strategy may differ based on game longevity.

    Oh and with realm spells you need the regency point and gold bar funds in order to cast them. You'll want to build up holdings in each province to supplement your income. Law to tax provinces. Guilds and Temples are basically free gold. Temples and Sources allow you to cast certain realm spells cause they require a holding of those types of a certain level along with the funds. If you want to cast a spell in a province I think you need a holding there. Ley Lines can help with that as they allow you to transfer a holding's level to meet the requirement in a province far away.

    I am not sure if I am getting to the bottom of your troubles but at least this is a start. Initially I had a concern that maybe the game is broken in Windows 7 or XP depending on what you are running. I don't know if that's true about this game having issues with these versions.
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    Haha, YES! I knew I came to the right place, and so fast too. Thanks a lot guys. I was on "Basic Game" settings, and I guess the designers decided that I should be able to win without advanced actions. Also, since the computer version is so old, the help manual that comes up with F1 function is no longer supported in newer versions of windows, so I had to visit BRwiki to get a better idea of what you guys were talking about.

    Thanks again,

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