I`ve always liked to decribe spells differently when differentc casters cast
them. But I`ve been devising some different descriptions for different
faiths. Take the familiar Bane spell. A priest of Belinik might describe
how Belinik will bring the castor and his allies brutal victory, that the
time for mercy has escaped the victim, and such. A minor fear effect might
intimidate the victim, so that a touch of hesitation creates the noted -1
attack and the fear stacks, in effect creating a -1 on saves against any
further fear.

Priests of Avani may partially blind victims of the Bane spell, an effect
victims might describe as like having the sun in their eyes. Victims may
instinctivly raise their hand to shield their eyes. Victims may have a
touch of anxiety that the can`t see enemy movements as well, and be
suceptible to additional fear effects.

Haelyn`s priests might declare the cause of their enemies unjust, causing
their patron to withdraw both combat prowess (-1 attack) and courage (-1 vs
fear saves) from the victim.

Shadow Witches might summon a vindictive spirit from the Shadow World to
reach across the barrier and touch its victim. The cold touch from the SW
strikes its victim in an instantaneous fear, distracting him for a -1 attack
penalty, and leaving him with -1 penalty to fear saves. The effect of the
touch is equivilent to a loud noise, but is tactile.

Hieronymus Agricola
wizard, alchemist, bibliophile

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