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    Military Units in Domains?

    Me and a friend started up a small campaign for fun, and I was trying to find out where the military information for the different domains was? I can not seem to find it anywhere? Could someone point me in the right direction please?
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    I believe this would normally be in the Player's Secret publications. I don't think these have all the military have been transfered to the BRwiki. Which domains were you mainly concerned with?


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    The one player that I have set up is in Medeore, I found some info on Military in the 2nd ed rules book in one of the examples, there was nothing in the PS Medeore book though. I also got the Naval info from the Naval Battle box (2nd ed).

    The action is happening mostly in the Southern Anuire area, with Diemed and Medeore being the main focal point, so I mostly just need the info for that zone, but having the other realms info on hand would of course always be a good thing.

    I have been grabbing info off the wiki, but it seems like a lot of stuff is not accurate and the fact that many realms can't seem to afford the stuff that they are listed as having confuses me to a degree.

    Ilien being an example, on the wiki they are listed as making less money then they spend each month. I know Rogr is a mage and has access to Alchemy, but really shouldn't he have had time to set up the land to be self sustaining? They are listed as having trade routes in one book, but Rogr does not control any guild holdings and those are required for Trade routes? Ilien has a massive navy, 2 Galleons, 4 Caravels, and 2 Coasters, but has not use for them really? They need a better income just to break even?
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    You could always take the troops from the Gorgon's Crown game as the starting point for those Anuirean countries who don't have a listing in the Ruins of Empire book

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    I think only a few realms have any details on the types of military units that a country has and ships in either naval or merchant fleets.

    It's one of those annoying, missing details.
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