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    Game Data: Known poisoned datafields

    I'll keep this up as part of my weekly ritual...I posted in other thread asking which database file you wanted me to start work on & no one posted the latest database file.

    Dyark_DB.06.01.2010 >> Holdings >> Name: Issue #1
    Issue: Needs to be stripped to just name. Extra data is extraneous.
    Data Addressed: abbrev. is cover in charOwner, level is in level's field
    Sample Set: (Rows: 0-99, 800-889, 1600-1699)\
    Last Update:
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    tell what i don't need & how to input it

    holdings_id --> important
    holdings_province --> where
    holdings_controlling_char --> can be control by somebody else for a short laps of time
    holdings_flagged_char --> not sure to keep it
    holdings_owner_id --> to who it is own
    holdings_name --> name (not even necessary can build it dynamically
    holdings_description --> special notes
    holdings_display --> to show in the game
    holdings_in_game --> no playing in a certain campaign (like somebody who just wants voosgard)
    holdings_GB_in --> not decided wet how to handle the GB and RP
    holdings_holding_level --> self explaining
    holdings_fortified_level --> self explaining
    holdings_type --> law, guild, source or temple
    holdings_contested_last_turn --> was contested for taxes and rp purpose
    holdings_secret --> known to owner of the province
    holdings_law_holding_taxes_guilds --> taking part of the guild taxes
    holdings__law_holding_taxes_temples -->
    holdings_fortified_holding --> boolean to see if holding is decreasing due to bad maintenance

    let me know

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