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    Powers of the Realm (alternate rules project)

    So right now it's a bit of a placeholder, the first PDF is being tweaked still and I'm about a few days from a draft I'll feel ready to show. I'm also in the process of purging my own campaign notes, and figuring out a temporary way of making the sidhe vaguely balanced with source as their main or sole other holding).

    So for a short summary of what I'll be posting there and working on, there will be 5 small PDF. The first one Im working on is probably the more system agnostic one (Realm of Intrigue), which is the domain system itself.

    So the core ideas
    - The idea of secret holdings is more fleshed out, as is espionage.
    - Realm resources are now divided in four: regency is mundane influence, gold is wealth, manpower is your available people for constructions and musters (going over means you're tapping into your occupied workforce), while inspiration (maybe aether) is the supernatural influence, but is only produced by source (spellcasting clergy (my own campaign makes them few in numbers) in the right position can convert their influence into aether for miracles; most resources can be converted to other types).
    - Holdings are divided into Holdings and Assets. A Holding is what produces Regency, primarily (I might put manpower under this), an Asset is what produces Gold (Aether for sources). It's possible to have the holding level without the asset level, in which conditions you have a clientele relationship (a lot of great guilds like Spider River Traders would likely have a lot of those, a core estate run by Seelie Ghoried, and a middling clientele network of level 0 and 1 operations tied up by holdings of the SRT; basically the regency part becomes a part of the vassalage system). The number of holdings allowed in a province will be dependent on province but differently than how the BR rules do it; province is also not the sole measurement of rough population, holdings also impact it differently. A province without additional holdings is pretty economically bare, and has only its minimal population range, although past a certain level the situation is mostly impossible as "rule" type actions have requirements and 0-level holdings do have effects (and token income).
    - I have two terrain systems, one is extremely simplified, the other is slightly more complex, including taking resource availability into account.

    The other ones still need more thought. True20 bloodlines will be one of them, with a slight setting purge for more generic use and alternate rules (including options to make blooded regents less superlative).

    And I hope you'll forgive the bare presentation, it likely looks more like one of my papers than some of the more beautifully crafted documents on the board. As for why, I like to tweak things and I have kind of reached a critical point where I'm tweaking so much that my notes are barely birthright as a system anymore.

    EDIT - I updated a very rough draft, I'm still parsing through a bunch of scribbled notes spread through notebooks, but I figured basic feedback and stuff, or just showing things >.> - It's also honestly an effort to make things in such a way that not just me can understand them, because if I'm the only one who understands my notes, there is often a point where even I fail to parse them.
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