One of the weird issues of BR, of course, is magic use and several folks
have ideas on how BR`s magic system might be incorporated in a 3e
campaign. Since I`ve been fiddling around with an Oriental Adventures
campaign on Aebrynis, I`m curious if anyone has ideas on OA spellcasting
classes might be like? Any significant changes? I`m planning keeping the
same restrictions on who has access to "true" magic, but since the OA magic
system is a smidge different, how might that affect oriental
spellcasters? Some specific questions:

1. Wu jen will need a bloodline, but there should be some sort of
non-blooded arcane spellcaster with access only to "low" magic. Should
this be sorcerers with restricted spell lists and maybe a few more class
abilities, or should it stick more to the wu jen spellcasting method?

1a. Should oriental magicians have "taboos" the way OA wu jen do? (In OA,
the character class that is equivalent to the wizard--the wu jen--have
"taboos" which are things like "cannot eat meat" or "must wear red." If
the wu jen violates a taboo he loses his spellcasting ability for that day.)

2. The shugenja class is described in the OA 3e text as not necessarily
being appropriate for campaigns not set in Rokugan. Anyone see any reasons
why it shouldn`t exist in the oriental lands of Aebrynis?

Anyone have thoughts on this?


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