There are two ways to find a wife in medieval German heroic literature: Brautraub and Brautwerburg. Braut means bride; raub means to kidnap, rob, or steal; werben means to enlist, attract, recruit, or more precisely in this case, woo.

Tristan has been sent to Ireland to recruit Isolde as Mark`s bride. Tristan is Mark`s nephew, and is a kind of PC lieutenant. It turns out that a dragon has taken up near Wexford, and Gurmun, king of Ireland, swore by his royal cloth to give his daughter to any who can make and end of it - so long as he is a knight and of noble birth. For our purposes, lets just say blooded. This kind of scenario is well suited for a BR setting. Especially where the PC`s don`t know precisely how to go about finding an NPC bride.

Brautraub might work as well in a Rjurik or Vos setting.

As an aside, knighthood is a particular office. Its a suitable threshold marker for fighters and paladins, denoting both some social standing and the fact that you have done something to get yourself knighted. Perhaps you have aquired certain feats, or performed some valued service. It seems there should be some similar marker for other classes. Fighters of high standing grant knighthood. Likewise clerics, wizards, and guilders should probabaly have some mark of status suggesting that they have done something to merit additional respect.

Kenneth Gauck

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