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    birmail & map

    I looked at the tool but I'm not sure to understand what's the use of the map ?
    Ok it displayes roads, castle, rivers, provinces and so on but is that usefull for DM only or for players as well ?
    I mean some of those data are not public (eg ley lines) so I'm wondring if this is just a gadget for DM or is really usefull.
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    Well actually you can publish all of the information on that map to HTML (Can't remember what menu option it was)
    - it shows warded provinces, roads, colors based on province ownership

    So when running a game you can re-publish your html after each turn and make the map available by html (especially usefull if you have access to a website you can publish to...)

    Here is an example from the last Rjurik Winds PBEM I ran:
    => the map s straight out of Birmail...
    Birmail even makes the map clickable; and links you to the appropriate realm so that people/players can see the information

    Again; all you need to do after you resolve the turn is to run the export to HTML
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    Alot of it has to do with DM options and leaving the choice up to them what they want to use or not.
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