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    Trade Routes

    I don't know if its just me or what, but I can never seem to find info on all of the current trade routes within the realms and anything else on a realm (Wizards Towers, Palaces, Banks... etc...) and was curious if anyone had a full listing of such. This would seriously make my game much easier for me to figure out rather than having to randomly generate this stuff. I've already put over six months of work into getting everything other than this set for my game.

    Still working on getting a map too.

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    I think there were trade routes on those maps published with PS's (at least something that resembles them). But that's only a handful of domains. Also, I've seen a map (rather, have it on disk somewhere) of Anuire with someone's drawing of trade routes. It sort of could pass, but there are some parts that I know for sure don't go that way.

    About the buildings, haven't seen those, but it would be a nice touch.
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    Only a handful of trade routes are mentioned in the game, which is something of a pain.

    I don't know if that was because the game designers didn't want to complicate dropping in new realms - you can't have a trade route with 'x', they've already got one sort of thing, or if they simply saw trade routes as very transient/unimportant.

    I'd suggest that where you have roads (also missing in much of Anuire!) you will have trade routes, but otherwise the only trade routes are from coastal/river provinces with ports.

    Either that or add 10-20% income for all npc guilds on the grounds that they will have trade routes somewhere, and only bother tracking PC domains and new trade routes made during the game.

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    Several sea trede routes were mentioned in the Seas of Cerilia, IIRC. But I don't have this supplement right now.

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    Maybe they were mentioned, I'm not into reading at this hour BUT the map is centered around Khinasi sea area and there are some land routes drawn. Now, how weird is that?
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    From the page 15 on - "Navies of Cerilia". I don't have this supplement still, sorry.

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    Good call:
    * Aerenwe: Calrie to Mermoune in Binsada
    * Avanil: Daulton to Ilien, Anuire to Seaward, Mieres
    * Boeruine: Seasedge and Tariene to Stormpoint, Bacaele to Bliene
    * Brosengae: Bindier to Crenier, Mieres
    * Coeranys: none
    * Dhoesone: Nolien to Riverford, Cariele (although there are no provinces to support sea trade route)
    * Diemed: Ciliene to Seaward, Mieres (possible Aerele to Zikala or Turin)
    * Ruorven to Coeranys
    * Medoere: none
    * Osoerde: Gulfport to Zikala
    * Roesone: not a sea power
    * Taeghas: Bhaine to Abbatuor in Roesone
    * Talinie: Lindholme to Stormpoint, Taeghas (2 trade routes), Greensward to Stormpoint
    * Thurazor: goblin king allows trade from Falling Timber and Mergarrote to points west

    * Aftane: to Ras Medecin in Kozlovnyy, Adaba to sea lane
    * Ariya: to sea lane, connecting islands
    * Binsada: Ber Dairas to Coeranys
    * Djafra: Nurida to Mairada, Djafra to Izedas in Ghamoura
    * Ghamoura: Alcamar to Cape Arvuold, Suiriene and to a sea lane headed west toward Plain States
    * Khourane: Ber Falaia to Izedas, Ghamoura and to Ber Mera, Merasaf
    * Mairada: to Mesire and Alcamar in Ghamoura
    * Merasaf: Ber Mera to Masetiele in Suiriene and to a northern sea lane
    * Mesire: from capital to Highvale in Kozlovnyy and to easterly sea lane
    * Min Dhousai: Toure el-Fasil down Pipryet to Moura in Khourane, Adara to north
    * Mour el-Sirad: none
    * Suiriene: Masetiele to Adara in Min Dhousai and to Izedas in Ghamoura
    * Zikala: capital to points east, Turin to points west

    * Halskapa: Skapa Hjarring to Seasedge in Boeruine and to Anuire in Avanil
    * Hjolvar: Kopingdal to Kvigmarheim in Kvigmar
    * Hogunmark: Aaldvika to Brechtur-bound sea lane and to points south
    * Jankaping: none
    * Kvigmar: Kvigmarheim to Kopingdal in Hjolvar and to Blackruft in Danigau (and some trade with Brechts)
    * Lluabraight: no trade
    * Rjuvik: Yvarre to Nolien in Dhoesone, and to ports in northern Anuire
    * Stjordvik: Saerskaap to Seasedge in Boeruine, and trade with Dhoesone and Anuire's Southern Coast
    * Svinik: Leivika to Anuirean sea lane
    * Urga-Zai: none

    EDIT: Luckily my browser crashed a second AFTER I submitted this post.
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