Hey there,
I haven't been here for a while so let me introduce myself again...
Hi I'm Greegan and I'm a DnD addict. My "drug" of choice is Birthright but Greyhawk and Dragonlance will do.

So I've been on this site, www.conquerclub.com playing risk for the last month... Its all kinds of different house rules incorporated into a (I think) php site.
There's two particular maps I'm playing right now: Feudal War and Feudal Epic. It allows you to have a base of operations and some extra rules etc etc.
The reason I bring this up is either, someone here might be able to create a similar "program" for playing Birthright maps, or dedicate a few hours to produce a map and some risk-esque rules for a Birthright map that they could add to their site.

At the very least I thought members here might be interested in playing risk online while at school or work

You can play from one to seven other players, and you can play a standard game where each player is given 24 hours to complete a turn (in some games of 8 players I've reached round ten in two short days) or a speed game where turns are five minutes long.

Come find me. I'm greegan on the site. Mention this place and I'll make sure we have a few games together.

One more thing. You can play up to four games at one time for free. However if you spend $25 USD you can play unlimited games for a year.

Hope to see you online. I really hope someone can duplicate this for BR