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    sublink problems

    Hi Arjan et al,

    I was going to wait till Arjan was back before I brought this fault up, but it is starting to annoy me. I am having trouble on the forum and the wiki with various links not going where they intend. I suspect it has to do with some default settings.

    1) When I call up the New Posts for the forum, I get the list of threads with new posts. I then click on those threads to take me to them. I normally them click on the "View First Unread" to take me down to the first of the new posts. However, this link now takes me to the forum index.

    e.g. has the "View First Unread" link which should actually be something like

    2) If you try any Table-of-contents link on the wiki pages, they too take you back to the forum index, instead of the respective subsection of the wiki page.

    e.g. has a link to its History section but uses instead of

    I think I found something similar somewhere when a #SUBSECTION link was used in the midst of a wiki page. It defaulted to the forum index page.

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    yes, we talked about it.. i can disable the addon causing the issue.. but it means loosing the rewrite rules and the userfriendly urls..

    just let me know..
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