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    Quote Originally Posted by Pags View Post
    Hello everyone, newly registered here myself.

    Thank you to the administrators and minds who have put together and maintained this great resource for a lost gem of a game.

    I am well into running a game that is a rough mash of 3 different systems, but birthright is the setting, and have not had so much fun running a game in a while

    So, just adding to the new people saying hello.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
    Welcome. Which systems are mashed? Are you using the original publications as source material for adventures or are you just playing at the Domain level?

    Hiya, I didn't want to hijack jeoreofag's thread, so I made this one.

    I am using birthright as the setting with blood abilities and domain actions
    Pendragon for realm detail, taxs, manors, tournaments etc...
    And GURPS as the character system, as well as the mass combat system.

    We're on Turn 9 and my players are doing well ruling Tuornen, I have run them though the family matters adventure that came with the boxed set, and in 2 turns will be running sword and crown.
    Typically I run an adventure every 2 or 3 turns, but the players are so into the setting and ruling, each turn takes a full session as they debate diplomacy and consider each action, it's quite fun

    I'd love to here about any campaigns you have run, or are running.

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    I'm currently playing Haelyn's Aegis in Ruins of Empire 2, had a bit of a learning curve due to it following (loosely) from the 60-turn Ruins of Empire 2 which changed a lot of things, and currently trying to convince Oserde and Elenie to play nice for fear of the recently liberated Markazor provinces being pulverised in passing. Failing completely of course

    In the meantime Avanil and Boeruine are dragging the west into their fight, the churches have united via the Conclave which conceals more bitchiness than a girls prep school, and the guilds are slowly taking over while smiling sweetly and paying off the nobles.

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    I played in a game when Birthright first came out that consisted of individual players ruling the nations of: Talinie (me, as a LG Paladin of Haelyn who ruled as Thane of Talinie), Tuarhievel, Baruk-Azhik, Tuornen, Endier, Medoere, Ilien and Roesone while three other players ruled as non-kingdom regents and held the Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn in Diemed, the holdings of the High Mage Aelies and one other played as ruler of one of the Guilds in Roesone (can't remember).

    The game went well, but we only got to about turn 15 (+ or - a turn) when the three DMs asked if I would help them and run Diemed instead of my Talinie which had almost completely destroyed Thurazor, initiated wedding plans with Fhiele Dhoesone, and had already plunged into a hard war against the Five Peaks and the Eyeless One...all the while agreeing to the demands of Boeruine for soldiers to fight against Avanil with (I hired Rjurik mercenaries for him that he used as a force in Taeghas).

    I took over Diemed as Heirl Diem, which was in dire straights against a united front of Endier, Medoere, Ilien and Roesone combined. I immediately married my daughter off to Gavin of Ghoere and the two of us crushed Endier which I ceded to Ghoere as a wedding gift on the condition that it remain in my daughters hands as her personal fief within Ghoere. I lost a province to Roesone (who kept attacking of course through Medoere) before sending a bribe to the Spider which then launched invasion into Roesone forcing that player to pull out of Diemed while I ceded my law holdings in the Imperial City to Avan in return for a lasting peace which allowed me to throw every single soldier (militias included) against Medoere and Ilien while Roesone was busy fending off the Spider AND a looming threat of Ghoere massing troops on Roesone's northern border at the request of his new Father-In-Law.

    At games end (can't remember the turn), Ruornil's Celestial Spell had foresworn its land holdings to be given free practice of their faith (which was about to spark a serious problem with the Orthodox Imperial Temple for Diemed...but I planned to tell them that "Religions can fight as they will..." as a open offer to allow the temple its own holy war) and Diemed had invested Medoere, forced Ilien to swear fealty (but with no conquest) and Roesone had lost Bellam to Aerenwe (by way of rebellion) and I was sitting with a large force laying siege to Proudglaive, had actually captured Roesone's Monarch on the field of battle and had him sitting next to Heirl Diem in chains, and had even began colonization of Albiele Island (which was causing problems again with Avanil).

    My daughter, as planned, had also removed Gavin Tael from power by simply using a Charm Person spell on him in the bedchamber and then removing his guards by his own order prior to falling asleep that night and having his throat slit by assassins from Roesone...leaving her the Rightful ruler of Ghoere; but hotly contested by the Sword Mage who had originally been seduced by her as well...but he was held in check by her NEW lover Caine who had instigated a series of moves against the Sword Mage...and had actually become my own Court Wizard with free reign to do as he wished with the magic of my Kingdom.

    I think the three DMs were about to have Avanil invade Diemed; but I had already began negotiations with Boeruine/Talinie knowing that Talinie was very powerful in the north and ol' Boeruine had troops to spare to flood through Tuornen...a new ally of his.

    The layers were getting deeper and deeper, and it was turning out to be an awesome game when the roof fell in...and I mean literally. The owner of the Game Store we were all playing at had the roof of his store cave under the weight of a very heavy snow...and after the repairs we just really never got the game going again.

    Very fun though! It took several hours a night to coordinate each turn; and we played once, sometimes twice, a week for a long time.

    Best group domain game I had ever played in I think...

    Although a later and much smaller game with only myself a DM and two other players was more fun over all I guess (lots of adventures added in with the realm play) and it lasted much longer. It was that game where I took the role of Caelcormac the Half-Elf of Lluabraight. He was a Fighter/Wizard of Rjurik ancestry and it was an awesome game. I was the primary fighter in the group, although the Dwarven Fighter/Thief from Halskapa was pretty solid too (he just didn't have spells to make him tougher in combat; but his backstabs were devastating!) and the other player in the group was a Rjurik Ranger from the Giantdowns/Dhoesone area (he said his character didn't know which land he was born in).

    We started small in that game, not having any holdings or anything at all. Later we invested some of our treasure in a trading coster run by the other two started in Dhoesone, but we got expelled by the mercantile interests already there and moved shop to the Giantdowns. The rest they say is "history" as it resulted in us taking over the trade of the downs' western areas, came into conflict with an Awnsheigh, which resulted in us rallying both Rjurik and Anuirean alongside even a few elves from Lluabraight who I promised two provinces to for their homeland. Eventually I came to be the Cadeyrn (Battle-King) of the Giantdowns and was recognized by the elves of Lluabraight as such after giving them two provinces.

    At first, I had to pay HUGE bribes to agents that the Gorgon sent...I wanted no part of war against him! That is until I was able to fully tap the magical potential of the Downs and then was ready. I courted heavily the Lady Fhiele Dhoesone and finally won her hand in marriage; though our two lands remained apart primarily until our son would come to rule both...we did make our military a united arm that fought against the Blood Skull Barony and the darker elements of Tuarhievel that were at last willing to vent their anger upon lands not ruled by fellow Sidhelien (since Fhiele and Caelcormac were both Half-Elven). That resulted in Cariele NOT liking hunting elves coming to visit.

    At last the DM felt it was time to do us old companions (bodyguards) were slaughtered on the battlefield as the Gorgon's forces moved across the border and laid waste to the pitiful forces arrayed against his general. It was then that I resorted to near cowardice and began Warding my provinces to keep more hosts from invading me, called on Tuarhievel to aid me (Lluabraight had been invaded by the Urga-Zai), and slowly wore down the army that had managed to invade me.

    I can't remember if it was during this time or before that I had fought against the Blood Skull Barony and took two of their provinces.

    I then received aid from my wife Fhiele who, along with my own treasury, nearly emptied her treasury to hire every single mercenary unit we could find...and we actually invaded the Gorgon's Crown. I fought two HUGE battles against him, one in Orog's Head (which was a feint by both myself and Tuarhievel) and my main attack into Sage's Fen (where I nearly lost my arse!) before pushing into Kal-Saitharak...just as the Gorgon had planned.

    I pounded his army into the dirt and encamped around his fortress...but realized I didn't have half the men it would take to even consider attacking the place. Instead I just sat back and lobbed flaming pitch and stone at his fortress until he himself came out when yet ANOTHER army of his came from the south consisting of heavily armored dwarves and goblin cavalry. I didn't even bother to try and fight.

    I drew back quickly out of his lands and took up a position in Vjelthelma after combining with my forces and those of Tuarhievel that had invaded Orog's Head (I had Warded Bognarr, Midjarna and Orog's Head...the extent of my strength) but he did not attempt to cross the river against us. After a few days his forces simply moved back into the Gorgon's Crown...and THAT is when I heard that my dwarven friend had been murdered and an attempt had been made on the life of my son and wife (which the DM was kind enough to say had failed). The Dwarven Player had been sitting glum that whole night and after the game I learned that he and the DM had played a private session and that he had been killed in Lemnjohen while riding with a caravan of war supplies. A simple dang poison drink had killed him...

    The game ended pretty much there....but it was my favorite over all because of all the adventuring we did.

    The coolest part of it all was that in all of these sessions, we used the Battlesystem Rules to fight the battles on three huge 6'x6' tables with terrain and painted miniatures. We had Viking Miniatures for the Rjurik, standard Medieval Minis for Anuire, Arabic Medieval Miniatures for the Khinasi (I actually sailed to Binsada to recruit some highly mobile cavalry archers), and for the Brecht (who rarely came into the games actually) we used various medieval minis/Renaissance minis. For the Elves and Dwarves we used fantasy regiments of those races too. The Gorgon had lots of goblins (we used orcs for the bigger goblins and orogs), humans and dwarves too; but the piece that said it all was the setup the DM did for Kal-Saitharak. It was that piece alone that made me realize, without ever knowing the troops within, that I wouldn't even try to attack! It was over THREE feet in height on the "outer walls" with the highest walls (he said) standing behind those and off the table that would have been over six feet in height (we obviously didn't have room in the game store for it all!). He did an awesome job using sticks that he plastered together into the shape of jagged walls of Iron and Stone (painted with industrial paints I think?) and lines of siege machines (mostly cutouts) and troops all along the walls alongside Stonecrown Ogres. My magic told me that the holes in front of the walls that went beneath the ground were filled with Troll Warrens that teemed with the beasts and Lizard Riding Orogs as well...and I actually had a small raiding party of Orogs spring from the ground in the middle of my supply area that did great damage before retreating underground again.

    Knowing the large Dwarven and Goblin army was coming north, I knew better than to even try!

    Fun times.

    It was an awesome game.

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    That is an awesome campaign story Caelcormac, thank you for sharing

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