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    I actually like it a great deal.

    I figured it out, and it seems to work just fine for any campaign and not just a campaign of blooded scions.

    While I can't offer specifics, it does become a little confusing when dealing with multiple domains as a Dungeon Master I think. There is a lot to be said for how easy it adapts to any campaign world though!

    If you could offer perhaps a description of how a war would be carried out I would appreciate it myself. The war rules I'm a little confused about as far as how invading and conquering actually works on a mass scale.

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    War Examples.

    The rulers of the neighboring provinces of Blackacre and Whiteacre are bitter rivals. Both provinces are level one, and each ruler owns the 25 manors in the province.

    The owner of Blackacre decides that he will conduct a raid on Whiteacre. During one of his turns he will use the war holding action against Whiteacre, which he will support with his manor holding in Blackacre. He needs to do this because a war action must be supported by a holding or asset of some kind.

    To make his attack, the owner of Blackacre rolls Stability + Strength + 1 (The level of Blackacre) against the Might + 1 (The level of Whiteacre) of the owner of Whiteacre. If he succeeds then the level 1 holding of Whiteacre is now occupied by him.

    This means that:
    • This asset or holding does not contribute to its domain’s level or optimal assets.
    • It cannot be used by its domain to support domain actions.
    • The domain occupying this asset or holding may use it to support the War action.
    • The domain occupying this asset or holding may treat its assets as uncontrolled for the purposed of the Annexation action.

    When the next turn rolls around, and then the owner of Blackacre can choose to sustain the occupation with a domain action if he does so (which ties up Blackacre for another turn), then he can choose to destroy a number the manors that make up the holding to gain regency, and he can also use Whiteacre to support war actions deeper into the owner of Whiteacre's territory. He can also target Whiteacre with an Annexation action, which will transfer ownership of a number of the manors that make up Whiteacre to him.

    In the mean time, if the owner of Whiteacre owns other holdings, he can use them to support a war action against Whiteacre. If he succeeds he manages to remove the occupation and regains control of Whiteacre.

    Castles and knights add to the bonuses either side would enjoy to the rolls. The only twist on this is that knights can be moved to different realms, whereas castles cannot. For example, the owner of Blackacre could use his knights to support the attack on Whiteacre by attaching those knights to Blackacre before using the war action (Think of this as being akin to equipping a weapon in a PC). After this the owner of Blackacre can move the knights to Whiteacre as a free action, where they will be free to make attacks deeper into the territory of the owner of Whiteacre.

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    Soudhadies you have done a very very good job. Very detailed, and from the little i've play tested it works fine. Granted it's not for me, but it's very nice. That being said I'm trying to scale down the level of detail I've been running. I've gone back to the second Ed of the game and worked on making it jive a little more here and there. But again nice work.

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    I've got a few questions:

    1) In the estates I thought I read the temple estates has an arcane action check(prediction of future type thing)??

    2) Why does a raid result in control of that holding? Aren't raids a hit & run type thing? What does a full fledged war do? Are you able to raid without declaring war?

    3) Why does a holding roll against another holding? Where do the characters & armies become involved? I take it you did away with armies when raids are involved?

    4) From what I was reading in your files on the website ... is this just a conversion pack to change Eberon into birthright? Are you going to take these core rules & flesh them out in to a birthright set of rules, as it stands now it's like you're still applying a spin to the game - like pathfinder for 3.5?
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    1) I believe that you are referring to the "Prolixity" power in the Oracular estate? I see that it lists the "faith" keyword. That is a mistake. It should read "magic." The Oracular estate is the equivalent of the Source/Mage domain type in 2E.

    2) I assume you are referring to the "War" action, then a raid is possible, although not immediate. When you sustain a war action you can choose to pillage the occupied holdings and convert them into Regency. I believe that this is in line with the way war and pillaging worked in 2E. As for what a full fledged war does, a successful occupation opens up several options for the occupying force: (1) pillaging the occupied lands; (2) slowly establishing permanent control over the occupied territory through the annexation action; (3) using the occupied territory as a forward base of operations for war actions that are farther afield.

    3) One of the assumptions that I made is that the purpose of a manor holding in feudal society is to support feudal military forces by providing food and men to the sovereign. Therefore, the manor itself has a basic level of military prowess. This does not mean that additional armies don't exist. Look under "Domain Improvements" that function much like 4E magic items. Basically you can "equip" a manor with knights, etc. that give the manor holding a bonus to war actions that it takes, in the same way that a +1 sword helps a fighter hit.

    4) I wrote this with the idea of being setting neutral-not with the idea that it should fit Eberron, FR, or BR. I have run campaigns in multiple settings, and have often wished to have rules of this type available as the characters progress. I did want to re-imagine the rules system in a way that used the main design principles behind 4E.

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