Hi everyone,

I know there has been some discussion about duplication of effort, but this is the system I have come up with for my own 4e campaign. It is at the level where it is playable, and I would love to here feedback to it.


Several things of note:

1. It scales up from the local level. The system is tier based, starting with local level. Most domains in the original campaign would be regal tier domains in this system.

2. The Bloodline system (called "legacies") is based on the 4E magic item system. I believe that this: (1) taps into a vast amount of material that can be used to customize the flavor of a bloodline, (2) eliminates the need to convert and create dozens of 4E blood abilities, (3) overcomes the duplication of function between magic items and blood abilities, and (4) reduces the need for magic items, allowing a "low-magic" setting.

3. The domain system is simple and takes a back seat to adventuring. One of my objectives in this conversion was to eliminate the "accountants and actuaries" problem that has brought down every BR campaign I have tried to run because of all the calculations and book keeping. If things seem stripped down, it is because the domain system is meant to take a back seat to adventuring. If the PCs care about something enough to devote their attention to it, then it should be an advenure. Otherwise it should be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.


soudhadies (FKA "Bearcat")