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    Map editor for Gorgon's Alliance?

    For many years I have enjoyed breaking out Gorgon's Alliance (for nostalgia) and playing it from time to time. At one time I had a scenario editor for the game which allowed me to change many things including who owned which provinces, what units could be recruited in each province, holdings, etc. However recently I lost a hard drive which contained my only copy of the map editor. I am again trying to find it but have had no luck.

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find this editor? I know there is a character editor out there but I want to find the map/scenario editor. If anyone knows where to find this I would be most grateful for the information.

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    Hello and welcome to

    Have you tried our extensive selection of downloads? Under the site navigation tab to your left should be a link marked "Downloads". Try that :P

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