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    New World Birthright campaign

    You there! Ever wanted a life of adventure. To carve out your own glory in a world thats new and amazing? To see never before seen sights and experience a world nulike any you've ever had the privelage. Oh but of course you scoff as a noble, but i speak the truth. A world of new adventure. Excitement around every corner and a chance to make a name for yourself and not just your parents. Ahh i struck a chord? Well come on then, make your case and join the cause to settle the new world and escape this melancholic one behind! All you need to start is right below.

    This is a 3.5 game with some tweaks. All players interested in joining the game should have a selection of at least 3 sponsor nations and submit a character idea based on their top choice. Characters will be level 3 with equipment given to them based upon their background. Backgrounds should be interesting but not overlong. I want to be able to read them and respond fast so try to keep it to a page or two(characters are low level so they shouldn’t need large backgrounds either). All characters are unlanded nobles and will receive an additional 4 skill points for appropriate related nobility education. Your character has vied and been awarded the right to settle a new colony, unofficially, for the sponsor nation. While not an official vassal, they will still be responsive and send tribute in resources to the sponsor. Class restrictions are limited to Rogue, Fighter, Ranger, Paladin. Magic classes are restricted to start but other classes can be discussed if you wish to ask about them.

    This game is about colonization, survival, adventure and imagination. Players will be given a general set of rules and ideas, but they will be allowed to come up with their own ideas to further the game. The player characters represent families of unlanded nobles who have been given or won the right to try and colonize the new world. This new task will not be easy, and the game will reflect the smaller scale of colonization as such. This will require characters to be adventurous and risk takers and have some patience. Anyone who is interested is expected to be the same. Staying in your mansion and waiting or avoiding roleplaying and communication will only hurt the game and is not what I’m seeking. This will be an involved game with turns being finished roughly every two weeks. I hope to create an exciting adventure in a new world where metagaming and common knowledge no longer play a part. If you are interested, feel free to ask questions and submit ideas you might have. I expect this game to grow and change as we go but look forward to player input.

    Characters will be at risk of death and failure, however they will not be thrown to the wolves. Battles, large and small, will never be determined by a single roll but instead by a series of opposed checks and strategies. Assassinations will not be allowed due to the low level of characters, lack of competent blades and a level of honor. However characters can put themselves in danger if they so choose and players can exploit that to their advantage.

    Each character, upon acceptance into the game will start with a ship, some money, and a single colonist. They will use the money to fill their ship with the colonists, troops and retinue to help their colony start. Afterwards characters will get the choice of leaving immediately or waiting one or two weeks. The advantages of waiting is additional gold for the voyage and potential diplomatic affair. The advantage of leaving early is more time spent preparing your colony for the game, or finding a better colony location.

    Sponsor Nations:
    The Southern League(Aerenwe, Ilien and Roesone)
    Kamaran Empire(Aftane/Sphinx/Ariya)

    If interested email me at

    Thanks and look forward to seeing some brave adventurers

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    If all the PC will be landless nobles, what about Noble as starting class? Will be here BR-specific management skills? What about multiclassing? What about communication skills and their application vs. first-person speech?

    Your idea sounds interesting to me, I must admit.

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    the noble class is of course fine(had forgotten it) however with the game's premise being that of adventure and heavy character involvement, i wanted to avoid a class that might take a backseat when governing. This isn't old world Anuirean politics, it's constant struggles and characters will need to be able to move and adapt to real physical dangers.

    As for multiclassing, allowed so long as class restrictions remain and the character's background can make sense with it. A strict combat veteran for years shouldn't have a rogue level, anymore then a slimy noble who hangs out in the streets should have a fighter level. Although only one multi class at most and the character should have a prefered one that i am aware of.

    skills will have an effect including the birthright ones, however there degree will be slightly altered to represent the smaller scale.

    Communication skills will depend. Much of the game will involve character actions as i've stated and their ability to dictate and discuss with other characters will be important. However the skills involved will be key to influencing NPC groups, ranging from guilds and temples who have been hesitent about the new world to the old world regimes and new world natives. However, i like to play characters as they are, not as the player is, so if a character has a low charisma and poor communication skills, i would ask that player to adjust to such, or hire a proper emissary to make up for their lack in that department. Hope that answers your questions

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    Red face Classes, 3.5

    Have you considered going a more limited route for the character/class ruleset? Solmyr had a great little system that got right down to what was needed in BR domain play without getting into all the detail of 3.5e characters. See it at:

    ...I hope you won't mind, Solmyr, that I'm linking to it?

    Anyway, you if you want more adventure, you may want to add a little to that, with some more skills perhaps. But do you really need all the dungeon-level detail for PCs of 3.5?

    How do you plan on handling adventures?

    Do you have a website and forum for this game? When are you planning on launching it?

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    For the most part i'm only interested in skills, feats and attributes. Though with the characters at such a low level, developing them is rather easy(unlike traditional Birthright where a regent could be between1st and 15th level on average).

    Adventuring will be based on a goal. whether it is exploring, finding a specific group or stopping a specific monster. Once that's established i'll send details of how parts of the adventure go til points where characters need to add input and make decisions. players will have their goal, and describe what they;'re bringing, who they're bringing and from there will have some say in the adventure. I'll mostly keep it to important details on my end and let the players have a good deal of freedom in actions, except of course if they wander into a devious plot, perhaps even from another character. No forum or site yet, though i plan on at the very least setting up a board for the game once people begin discovering each other in the new world. The game will start once i lock up one or two more players. I currently have 4 or 5 interested ones and am looking for 6 before we get going.

    As for the Solmyr stats, it's good for a realm based campaign but it lacks a lot of the key abilities/skills/feats for adventuring and character involvement i'm planning for. Thus far i haven't seen anyone take any pointless skills or interesting background skills, cause sometimes characters do things that aren't helpful for ruling or adventuring. But if i see a glaring one i'll inform the player. If your interested, i look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Currently Karaman and the Southern League have been taken officially, and Brosengae and Diemed are working on responses. That still leaves several interesting sponsors to select so sign up and ship off to a new world!
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    Unfortunately, I don't really have the time right now to commit. It's an interesting idea, but to participate adequately things may have to settle down for me, hopefully after a few months. I'd be interested in watching the progress of your game if you're starting it earlier, though it wouldn't be right for me to commit when I can't follow through (I had to drop out of Solmyr's game due to other life commitments).

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    I like Solmyr's rules for realm play and I think I'll even adopt them the next time I play a realm-level game

    As for this game, I think I'm rather busy to commit to it, but it does sound interesting. Do you have anywhere where I could read more about it?

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    nice will drop you a line and see what you think of my ideas
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    If you send an email my way i can keep you posted on the game and if you have more time down the line you can let me know and i'll see if i can fit more players. Thanks for showing an interest

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    I have sent you an email with my concept.

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