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    Custom BRwiki? ideas?

    Just wanted to get some advice on creating a custom BRwiki. By custom BRWiki I mean that I want to copy/download the sections of BRwiki that I find interesting and useful and make a personal custom copy. Just in case another "crash" happens. Your saying: so what, then do it! ...........yes I will but has anyone done this already and found a great way that is fast and complete? A particular method or program that works best? I have attempted using WORD but its very slow and requires allot of editing to delete all the misshaped columns and boxes ect..........that is copy/paste method...............sad


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    since the wiki uses standard mediawiki software there is an option to export the pages you want, and import them in a local installed version. (i.e. localhost)

    BUT, everything here is published with under a license, so no copy of the wiki can be made online. (due to legal issues)
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