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    Quick Start Guide for Noobs

    Ok im new in Birthright and what should i read/do to prepare myself for PbEM as player or DM role in local games. Add to my list.

    1) Read core 3.5 rules from download section.
    2) Read something about one of regions/worlds (I can tell that there are at least two of them Anuire and something called Bay)
    2) Print maps and some game sheets like domain or province.
    4+) ...

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    DM: I'd decide whether to start big or small - it is easy to do waaay to much on setting up a game.

    Questions to ask:

    1. Are you starting as neophyte heroes who will win fame and come to rule, or existing rulers?
    2. Are you going to focus within a single realm or two, or will each PC rule a disparate realm?
    3. Are you going to try and play out every NPC realm, or only play a handful of allies/enemies and assume that the rest have fairly modest changes year on year?

    Then you have to decide how to handle the realm book-keeping - trust the players to track their income/expense, or do it yourself - if the latter then the amount of work can add up and slow down play, but if you trust them to track their hp, damage, etc, why not their realm as well?

    Player: Think about what style of play do you want? A story game or a war-game - the two are very different and some PBEMs lean one way or the other. In practice you may simply play wat you can get...

    Think of some ploys or stratagems you can start, the DM shouldn't have to come up with every twist! Maybe decide on your class/domain type and come up with some interesting fluff around it to share with the game.

    The wiki (one of the tabs at the top next to forum and portal) is far from complete, but gives a lot of info on the setting, have a skim, hit a discussion tab to ask questions about anything that needs expansion, lurk on an existing PBEM board such as Ruins of Empire II
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